This pack is developed for me and my friends.


TheMagicTestPack is a kitchen-sink type pack, with the main focus on magic and adventure, featuring a few low-tech mods, alot of decorative blocks, custom creatures to play with and some mods to make the overall survival a little more challenging.


The basic idea of this pack is to progress through the various magical themed mods (Thaumcraft, Botania, BloodMagic, AstralSorcery) - supported by some basic tech mods (like Forestry, Embers and BetterWithMods) to get some automation done - and use the progression you have made in alot of extra dimensions and biomes, all that by not beeing OP.

For the builders and creative folks there are some nice decorative mods to round up your builds.


With BetterWithMods and some CraftTweaker scripts the early game is slightly more challenging than the usual minecraft experience.


This pack is designed to be both chilled and challenging, while keeping an overall medival-magic style.


HowTo Start:

The Stone Pickaxe is renamed to "Weak Pickaxe" and is made of 3 Flint or Cobble! You can make Flint out of Gravel with a Trowel or wait for it to drop. #hardcoreearlygame


be aware: this pack contains alpha-state mods!


modlist and links to the mods