The Simple Life 2: Genesis

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Simple Life Version 2 Changelog





This a large update that overhauls a few mods and removes some that are key to existing worlds, including world-gen!


If you wish to continue on your current worlds, I will be working on an update to 1.8 that will be compatible and include bug fixes for existing issues.


Mods Added

- TerraCore

- Ore controller

- Ore Excavation

- Flat Colored Blocks


Mods Removed


- Underground Biomes Constructs

- UBC Ore Registar

- Tick Profiler

- B.A.S.E

- Base Metals

- MMD Orespawn

- Custom Backgrounds

- UniDict

- WanionLib

- iChunUtil

- Ore Dictionary Converter


Mods Updated


- Faster Ladder Climbing

- MineColonies

- Forgelin (1.7.0 Due to crash with newer versions)


Mods Configured

- General

- Removed references to metals no longer provided by BASE/Base Metals


- Ore Generation

- Ore spawns are higher and have larger deposits


- Aroma Dimension

- Changed Light to Bright at all times

- Turned off Mob Spawning


- Elevators

- Disabled Mob Spawning in Elevators


- EnderIO

- Halved Conduit Visual Scale

- Disabled Compats for Mods that aren't in the pack

- Rocket Fuel is no longer explosive


- Roguelike Dungeons

- Lowered maximum size to help with lag prevention


- Better Questing

- Disabled Version Checker


- Improving Minecraft

- Reduced rate of domestication to 2 generations average


- Minecolonies

- Set average raid time to 21 days

- Set Barbarian Difficulty to 3

- Set worker chat requests to 600 seconds

- Reduced Barbarian Horde Size

- Set initial Citizens to 6


- Ore Excavation

- Disabled Update Checker


- Waystones

- Changed button/warpstone cooldown to 10 seconds


Recipe Changes

- Checked all recipes/.zs files for defunct or unbalanced recipes and adjusted.


- Smelting Exploits

- Removed smelting of plates/rods etc that allow exploit/duplication of resources (Thanks to Mackenzie for the code)


- Wands

- Increased difficulty of wand crafting (Thanks to Mackenzie for the code)


- Fixed Boats recipes to match wood types from Chisel


Quest Changes

- Checked all Quests/Chapters for Grammar, accuracy, task requirements and rewards.

- Added Changelog to Chapter 1: The Simple Life

- Edited Description of the first quest in the book to include details of Version 2.0


Bug Fixes

- As found on Curseforge (If your bug isn't fixed and you wish to keep playing an existing world, please wait for version 1.8 to release)

- Issue #190: BASE metal ingots can't be used in place of other mod ingots

- With the removal of BASE in 2.0 this issue is "resolved"

- Issue #204: BASE dusts can not be processed in alloy smelter (ender io)

- With the removal of BASE in 2.0 this issue is "resolved"

- Issue #216: Mastering Flight - Unwanted Passengers Quest does not complete

- Item requirement changed to craftable version of the Dismounter

- Issue #217: Mastering Flight - Upgrading the Machine

- Quest rewards changed to newer versions

- Issue #220: Containment Quest Line: Capstones Quest

- Capstone requirements changed to retrieval and non-consume

- Issue #224: Raspberries are not the same.

- Added all Natura Food Items to Ore Dictionary for recipes



- Tidied up Folder Structure and removed defunct files

- Updated CurseForge Page

- Updated Pack Title and Logo

- Updated Main Menu in-game

- Updated Quest Book Menu Image

- Created Custom Main Menu for all GUI Scales


- Flux Core is still missing a texture but is craftable and usable in recipes

- Various items hidden in JEI that have no recipe/had recipes removed

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