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The Simple Life 2

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It's back on peeps!
This year I have had the chance to re-organise a little bit and one of my first projects is organising and updating these pages.

Thanks for sticking around. Updates and info coming soon!



This pack is all about taking your time, enjoying the experience and triumphing through innovation and creativity instead of advanced technology or "one-block-fix-all" solutions.


It challenges players to use little-known mods as well as lesser known features of more popular mods in new ways to complete the Quest-Book and learn all they can about the world.


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As my first publically released mod-pack, The Simple Life 2 has gone through many changes in the last 18 months. Despite all that, the core aspects of the pack have never changed!


- Craft & Manage a Colony, complete with workers, farmers and more to carry out your bidding

- Custom Recipe integration across multiple mods that lead the player through the quest-book

- Fully-Featured QuestBook with over 500 quests, organised by mod and theme with real tasks

You won't find any arbritary "Gather 600 wood" type quests here...

- Design beautiful builds with a wide range of aesthetic mods

- Focus on one technology, magic or progression mod at a time to keep your path clear

- Supported on servers with various tweaks and adjustments to improve multi-player playability


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Minecraft Version: 1.10.2

Mod Count: 126  Click Here For The Full Mod-List

Play-Type: Single-Player & Server (Survival)

Recommended RAM Allocation: 6gb-8gb

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FAQ & Getting Started

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