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This is a pack for people who want to make the most of Building and Designing in Minecraft.

A selection of mods have been hand-picked to enhance your abilities when creating beautiful structures and amazing projects.


With a set-up designed to be played in Creative Mode, Grand Designs puts all the tools in your hands to get building and creating from the moment your world is created.

- Radial Menu customised with quick access to Commands, Gamerules and useful design tools. Activate it by holding the “Grave Key”

- A variety of decorative blocks including variants of stone and wood

- Wide range of furniture and furnishings to decorate your builds with

- Place any item in the game as a 3D model

- Summon and Spawn NPCs, animals and more to populate your works of art

- Many different world generation options including ATG and Biomes o’ Plenty

- Extremely light pack for all types of PC

- User-friendly for players who haven’t played Modded before


Minecraft version: 1.10.2

Mod Count: 65

Recommended RAM allocation: 3gb-5gb

Report Issues and Bugs here

But check this page first to see if a fix is on it’s way

Check all the Changelogs for each version of the pack


Getting Started with the Pack


Every one of my packs (that is optimised) has Server Files available to download.

If the pack doesn’t have server files then chances are it never will because it is not designed for multi-player or hasn’t been optimised to play online.

You can easily download the server files by clicking on the “Files” tab at the top of the page on Curseforge and then clicking the “+1 Server Pack” button next to the version you want to play.


If running a server is something you are unsure of then I have you covered.

StickyPiston Minecraft Hosting are professionals of the industry with years of experience running Modded Minecraft servers and they provide full premium technical support in your server order for no extra cost.

Set-up, TroubleShooting, Customisation and Configuration, they’ll do it all while you sit back and play with your friends.

Click below for a look at their hosting options.



And if you don’t want to jump straight into server hosting, why not try a free trial to see if it's something you would enjoy: Start my free Trial Server


Oh no! There are no videos here!

If you play this pack and want to be featured here on the Curseforge page and in the Twitch launcher then please get in touch and I will happily look at your content.

You could end up right here!


Thanks to all these amazing mod developers for providing their creations free of charge on Curseforge!

Click on any of the mods below to visit the official page and show your support.



The Simpletons are a rag-tag group of content creators that try and keep focus on community and fun over being the best or biggest in the gaming world.

Most of the members have their own Minecraft series and you’ll see them teaming up to play together on many different servers.

Check them all out here:

You can also join the official Simpletons Discord here:


If you have enjoyed my packs and want to show your support for the work that goes into them then please consider dropping by my Patreon page.

There tons of epic rewards and you would be helping me continue my work to provide high-quality mod-packs for Minecrafters everywhere!


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| Fox`N`Blocks

| Can’t Craft, Won’t Craft

| The Simple Life 2

| MineCraft Reloaded: Vanilla Plus


ModPacks provided here by Robin Galton acting under the pseudonym of "99Blocks" are under the license of the “All Rights Reserved” as found in CurseForge's ToS.


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