The Palm Tree Pack

260 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 14, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

An all-round kitchen sink pack made for the Palm Tree Empire Discord server.


Welcome to the Palm Tree Pack, the official Minecraft mod pack of the Palm Tree Empire Discord server.
This pack is mainly meant to be played together with friends, either on the official Palm Tree Empire server or on a custom-hosted server (which you'll be able to set up yourself very soon, I'm going to try to include server pack versions with future releases of the pack).

The general purpose of this pack is just to be an all-round, kitchen sink pack that even players who aren't that experienced with the mods in it yet can get into easily, as the pack is quite open progression-wise so there really is no limit as to what you can do: Want to create a high-tech biosphere on a space station orbiting The Moon? We got you covered. Trying to focus on more "rustic" aesthetic for your build? There's plenty of mods for that as well. Want to just sit back, do things as they come and live in a function-over-form 9x9 cobblestone house? Well boy, girl or enby is this the pack for you.

This pack contains all sorts of interesting mods from all across the spectrum, notable examples including: The Thermal Series (Thermal Expansion and companion mods), Applied Energistics, Refined Storage, Galacticraft, and on the magic side Botania, Thaumcraft, Blood Magic and lots and lots more just waiting for you to discover and play with, so feel free to give this pack a try and maybe even join our Discord Server.

(Notice: The Palm Tree Empire Discord server is not centered around this pack, while the server is associated with this pack it they are still two separate entities. Therefore, the server may also contain content that is not related to this modpack as well as content that may not be perfectly PC, like swearing... Trust me, there's lots of swearing. Seriously. A bit too much sometimes.)


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