The Legend of Pedro

57 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 19, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

The legend of Pedro is a kitchensink pack made by me and some friends just so we could have some fun in modded minecraft and stream / record some stuff.

There is no set theme, no set goal no set anything in the pack other than having fun alone or with friends.


With mods like Ageing Mobs, TF2 Stuff, Primitive Mobs and Grimoire of Gaia to make the pack more challenging.

And mods like Thermal expansion, Botania, Industrial Foregoing, Refined Storage, Immersive Engineering and Actually Additions you are sure to be able to automate whatever you want.


Have fun.



Once upon a time,


a little taco was born.

This was not any taco this was Pedro.

Pedro was a small taco, but he loved to help out his friends and loved to go and explore.

Everything was fine with Pedro untill the day he met his best friend Jack.

That faithfull day Pedro's life changed completly he needed to fight he needed to hide, he build his first base, but more importandly he needed to craft.

Now i could tell you the whole legend of Pedro, but why not hop in and see the world through Pedro's eye's.


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