UPDATE 01/06/2022: This pack is no longer being maintained. There will not be any further updates to the pack at this time.


NOTE: Please check out...

jadedcat's Agrarian Skies / Agrarian Skies 2

FTB's and Bacon_Donut's Sky Factory 2.5 / Sky Factory 3

The first pack was completely inspired by them, so go see what they're up to.


This is The Best of Both Skyblocks 2, the sequel to my first pack, The Best of Both Skyblocks! This pack had well over half a year of my effort pumped into it so that I could really perfect what I felt was the perfect mod list. This pack contains quests, a custom map with some custom buildings to explore, and custom crafting recipes! I really like how this one came out, and I hope you do too.


**For this pack, you require approximately 4GB or more RAM to even launch the pack, but even more will increase your frame rate.


Please report issues on the CurseForge issue tracker! Thank you!


Want to play this with some friends? Don't worry! Just head to the Files tab on the CurseForge project page and click on the latest version to download the latest server version, set up and ready for you!


Please note that The Best of Both Skyblocks series are and will only ever be released officially on Curse and CurseForge by Haydenbelanger, or Haydenman2. Any other reuploads of the pack on other platforms are not official, and as such, you will not receive support from me or Curse with assistance downloading the reuploads of my packs.