The 1.12.2 Pack: Perfectly Complex

119,628 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 15, 2022 Game Version: 1.12.2  

The 1.12.2 Pack offers a unique collection of mods that other packs failed to bring – and in the optimal way. This is a "kitchen-sink", your world is your own pack – exploring dimensions, performing magic, or building automated tech systems are all possibilities! Playing with friends or alone, it never gets boring.

Featuring a unique collection of mods like AmbientSounds, Galacticraft & ExtraPlanets, Gravitation Suite, Growthcraft, ICBM, Modular Powersuits, Mystcraft, PiP, Roguelike Dungeons, and Whoosh, on top of classics such as IC2, BuildCraft, Twilight Forest, Thermal Expansion, AE2, and their add-ons, you have a lot to expect.

This updated pack is optimized for high-performance & stability (for higher FPS, shorter load times and lower RAM requirements); it’s configured, for balance & customized gameplay experience (custom resources & music are only the start of it); and highly maintained, with frequent updates & full support.

With a unique collection of over 200 mods, in-game guides, optimized & configured gameplay, and more surprises, The 1.12.2 Pack strives to provide the best playing experience.

The current mod list is available at

You can request support, report bugs and suggest ideas at

The modpack is also available through the Technic Launcher at

Technical notes:

    • The recommended RAM allocation for the pack is 5GB

    • Computers with only 8GB of RAM: make sure to close any other open browser or major programs while running       the pack

    • Other technical recommendations are provided in-game with the pack's guide-book

This project is in memory of Caleb King, who helped making it what it is today.


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