TerraFirmaCraft Reditus

26,753 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 23, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.10

Welcome to TerraFirmaCraft Reditus, a rather lightweight pack compared to other TFC modpacks!

I tried many TerraFirmaCraft modpacks but found most of them too overloaded with features and unfitting mods. Some of them added too much crossover aspects which kind of destroyed the flair of TerraFirmaCraft itself.
So I decided to build this small but neat pack which focusses on addons for TFC itself rather than your everyday tech mods. I was very particular about the mods I put in, so that they don't disturb but enhance both performance and enjoyment.
Because of the mod count, this pack can be played with just 1-2 GB of RAM and is great for servers!

Please make sure to install this pack via the Twitch Launcher!


TerraFirmaCraft addons

• Ambient Creatures
• Animal Crate
• BetterStorage TFC
• BiblioWoods TFC
• Decorations
• Finger In The Wind
• IE Plants
• Leather Water Sac

• Merchants
• TerraFirmaCraft NEI Plugin
• TerraFirmaPumpkins
• TerraFirmaStuff
• TerraMisc
• TFC Additions
• TFC Automated Bellows
• TFC Cellars
• TFC Crops
• TFC Engineer
• TFC Scales
• TFC Tech
• TFC Tweaker
• TFC Tweaks
• TFC Udary
• TFC Wells

Content adding mods

• BiblioCraft
• Carpenter's Blocks
• Chisel
• GardenStuff
• GraveStones
• Immersive Engineering
• Immersive Integration
• Malisis Doors
• Plant Mega Pack
• Ropes+
• Ships Mod
• TerraFirmaCraft

Cosmetic mods

• Armor Status HUD
• Better Foliage
• Better Loading Screen
• Custom Main Menu
• Damage Indicators
• Dynamic Surroundings
• ItemPhysic
• Sound Filters
• Status Effect HUD
• Streams

Additional credits:

BiblioCraft script written by elCarel
Carpenter's Blocks script written by Tander
Chisel 2 script originally written by dexman545 & Elexorien
MalisisDoors script originally written by dexman545
Plant Mega Pack script originally written by Bunsan & AnodeCathode
Ropes+ script originally written by AnodeCathode & Bunsan
Ships Mod script originally written by Elexorien & dexman545


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