Terra Firma Rescue

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Filename Terra Firma Rescue-
Uploaded by yuesha_yc
Uploaded Feb 11, 2021
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 33.37 MB
Downloads 133
MD5 3b2412fd1d3bfd60612dfe1ee9633315
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


[BROKEN] Do not use! It is missing Mod. Use instead!


Bundled Update including changes from,, and
Mod changes:
- Added FoamFix-1.7.10-beta2
- Upgraded gregtech_1.7.10-6.15.07-unofficial
- Upgraded Botania-TFR-2605
- Upgraded MoegAddon_1.7.10-1.15

Content changes:
- Added multi-block aquatic farm
- Added dozens of new metal scaffolds
- Added dozens of new metal builder's wands
- Added clay pattern for all GT ceramic products
- Added clay molds for all GT ceramic molds
- Added magic diamond can be obtained by diamond powder
- Added GT food can now be made through substance maker
- Added GT recipes now have separators for the numbers shown in the recipe
- Added potassium salt can now be processed in the crusher
- Added fertilizer can be converted through multiple fertilizers
- Added notification to update BetterQuesting quests
- Added Iridium-Platinum asteroids
- Removed botanic alchemy rotten flesh to leather recipe
- Removed the recipe of IC2 Ore Washer and Pulverizer
- Removed tucker bag recipes, as they cause server crash
- Updated TFC Chinese localization
- Updated the Chinese localization of TFC Udary Mod
- Updated the English of TFC Auto Bellow Add-on
- Changed the processing of limonite
- Optimized the quest line of Power Age
- Optimized bellow crafting
- Optimized combustion chamber crafting cost
- Fixed pitchblende ore can be made into crushed uranium ore
- Fixed potassium alkaline water and gray dye recipe conflict
- Fixed the consumption of tuyere for making glass
- Fixed the vanilla gold nuggets can not be obtained
- Fixed the upgrade frame in Gendustry can not be crafted
- Fixed some of the quests does not display the content
- Fixed the inability to craft red stone root
- Fixed the error of Chineseization of RC boiler
- Fixed the error of Chineseization of TFC smooth salt rock and dolomite
- Fixed the nutritional value of cheese as fruit
- Fixed the inability to craft boiler cart
- Fixed the conflict of cobble stone conversion
Mod variations:
- Upgrade DraconicEvolution-1710-TFR-v2

Content changes:
- Fixed the problem that the GUI of the Dragon Research Mod does not have materials.
Mod changes:
- Upgrade TFC0.80.10-TFR
- Upgrade gregtech6.15.05-unofficial
- Upgrade Botania2604-TFR
- Upgrade DraconicEvolution-1710-TFR-v1

Content Changes:
- Chaos Dragons Now Present on Dracona
- Increased density of chromite veins
- Increased generation probability of kaolinite and kimberlite veins.
- Increased probability of magma pool generation
- Reduced time for pit firing and charcoal firing.
- Slightly increased the rate at which all items heat up.
- Slightly reduced cooling rate of all items
- Reduced up-front electronic component fabrication costs
- Endless Ingot requires Heart of the Dragon synthesis
- Items such as gates cannot be recycled into ingots in railroad blast furnaces.
- Diamond Armor can now be synthesized
- Fixes potash water synthesis conflicts
- The primary platinum granule crusher has two different outputs
- Repair Expert mode can synthesize blue steel over Grey Anvil.
- Fixed for not being able to make wool yarn on the loom
- Repair of the soldering consumable programming circuit for the pot and hacksaw.
- Indicators for restoring lapis lazuli are platinum stones.
- Double-layer plastic ingot in MESU shell without synthetic formulation
- Fixed recipe error in Tara Crusher due to inability to synthesize live wood rods.
- Fixed English spelling problem in Blue Line UI
- Fixed TFC ingot stack duplication problem
- Fixed Malachite can't be processed in Greystone Crusher
- Fixed wrought iron drawing plate task unrecognized problem.

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