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Technomancy Revamped

Hello my brave Engineer, welcome to the World of Technomancy Revamped!

Where you wander through different Biomes, always looking for new Ores and other

Resources to create a more powerful Machinery. But wait, what will happen, if you leave the

normal path of an Engineer? What will it lead you to? Check it out for yourself.


  • Lightweight Modded Experience
  • New Biomes to discover
  • Bunch of the latest Tech-Mods
  • Slight magic twist, if you want a break from all the Machine Madness
  • Tweaked Recipes to minimize the gaps between single mods and mix them up a bit (W.I.P.)

You don't have to go alone. We have developed a mod that allows you to play alongside your friends! Or even join strangers in their journey!





 Bitfabrik aka _MasterEnderman_



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