Tech And Magic Rebalanced 2

12 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 22, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2  

The same Tech and Magic rebalanced pack that you know and love but ill get it to work this time. 
This mod includes multiple tech mods that are out of the average pack. By using these mods we hope to enrich players on how to think outside of the box.
mods include steam world crossroads mc and a modified version of immersive engineering. Each mod has its ups and downs so we encourage you to explore them all.
The magic mods included are all common ones you'd find in bigger mod packs.

* Mods include Crossroads MC which uses multiple unconventional energy sources like heat and rotation units
*immersive takes a lot of resources but is simple and can be profitable
* Steam world is simple but limited in its capabilities.

* Magic mods include Botania Thaumcraft Blood magic and a few other small ones


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