Hearti-pack 3 forever updateable

22 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 28, 2020 Game Version: 1.12  


mods like tech guns and ICBM classic promote a sense of urgency when it comes to defending your base. This urgency is well earned too as other members will also work on projects just like yours. For the server will we host I will set up the main spawn area. The rest is pure chaos. No one and I means no one is safe.


Other mods more suited for regular modded servers are also include what with your automation and the likes. Think of immersive engineering ender io and thermal foundation. As a final solution to bridge the gap between PVP and regular mods we have mods that allow for vanilla type weapons but still incorporated modded ideas. Think vanilla materials like a diamond but wait it's on a pike and you have increased reach. These mods will ensure the pack has the content between the start and end game.


Mods Offered:

immersive engineering

Tech guns

thermal foundation
Ender io

Tinkers construct
More explosives

Open security

Open compouters

And many more (I cant list them all here)