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If you're interested in hosting a server for the Super Hostile Modpack, click the image below!  I use Bisect Hosting for my Official server and these guys are awesome!



With their automated modpack install, setting up and updating a Super Hostile Modpack server is done with a few mouse clicks.

Search "Super Hostile" in the "Manage Server Jar" menu!

Use the code Vechs to receive 25% off your first month as a new client for any of their gaming servers.

Servers should have at least 4 GB plus 1 GB for every 4 players expected to play on the server.  


Welcome to the Super Hostile Modpack! This modpack is ideal for stand-alone play in a generated Minecraft world, or for use with Super Hostile maps.  The Super Hostile series of custom Minecraft maps invented the "Complete the Monument" CTM-genre of maps and has millions of downloads.



- Modpack works with the default 4GB profile, if you Googled "minecraft modpack for low end pc" this should be at the top.  4GB gets you 8 view distance comfortably, and the pack has been tested on cheaper laptops.  If you raise your RAM limits, you can turn the view distance up higher and add optional mods.

- Questing System that teaches new players about the modpack, and provides missions and goals with new quests being added every update!

- Polished, well thought-out and well-curated and balanced mod selection is top priority!

- Survival elements of thirst and temperature, in addition to normal hunger

- A focus on dungeon-delving and fighting a refreshing variety of new monsters.

- Tough challenges without being unfair -- if you died, you probably went looking for a fight and found one.

- Cool loot that scales along a steady power curve

- Tight mod selection to avoid item bloat and feature redundancies

- Aesthetic consistency that matches the iconic style of Minecraft

- A magic system with immediate impacts and cool effects that doesn't drag you down with busywork

- Basic automation that doesn't get too crazy, and fits within a Medieval Fantasy world

- End-game goals where your character can have amazing gear, incredible magic, and be the leader of your own kingdom with NPC workers and soldiers

- Works well for single-player, small-party co-op, and large multiplayer servers

- Monster girls :3

- You can enable/disable a lot of elements of difficulty, such as needing to drink, from the mod options menu



Everything about Super Hostile and other projects can be found at:




Survival Tips (Generated Worlds):


Most Important Tips:

- The area near world spawn will be free of generated monster lairs, generated faction bases, and other hostile structures on the surface.  Venture beyond at your peril!

- Use the questing system (hotkey is ~ ) to access basic starting supplies.

- Fill your waterskin that you start with from a water source block, then put it and a charcoal filter in the crafting grid to purify it so you don't get sick from drinking dirty water.

- Open your atlas to activate it.  It will fill in automatically as you explore.  If your atlas is in your hotbar, you will get a minimap.  If it's in your main inventory, the minimap turns off.

- Make a copy of your Atlas (craft it with an empty one) or keep it in your backpack if you're doing something dangerous.  Losing your Atlas can be a sad experience.

- If you die, you keep your backpack, your baubles, and what was in your hand, but you lose some maximum HP.  Kill monsters to get heart shards to craft heart containers to gain maximum HP.


Less Important Tips:

- Ancient Warfare research is disabled.  Tech tree progression is gated using the Reskillable mod.

- You can use wooden equipment without spending any skill points.  Try out the wood versions of various weapons to find your favorite fighting style.

- All of the weapons from Spartan Weaponry have had a hard balance pass, and all have some merit, either for their cheap cost, or raw damage numbers, or for some other reason.  They all have their place.

- Pikes are very cheap to make, and have long reach, and okay damage.  They're a good pick when resources are tight.

- Wooden boomerangs are cheap, easy to make, and give you a basic ranged option.

- In this modpack, silver weapons have the same durability as copper.  Try making a silver flanged mace and hitting a zombie with it.  Trust me.

- You can craft cobblestone into gravel, and  you can craft 1 gravel into flint, or 2 gravel into sand.  This means you can get glass for water bottles very easily.

- Wooden Hoppers exist.  You can get automated water boiling and smelting going very quickly.

- Shift click to drink water from ponds and lakes.  It's gross but it beats dying of thirst.  Build your first base near natural water.

- You can craft Chain Links to make Chain Mail armor very early, using either iron alone, or iron and copper mix.

- Copper ore is very common and makes good armor and okay tools.

- Amethyst is in between iron and diamond for tools, and easier to find than diamond.

- You can punch leaf blocks to find silkworm eggs.  Silkworms generate silk cocoons the same way chickens lay eggs.  You can use this to craft string and wool without having to fight spiders or look for webs.

- Tumbleweeds are a great source of feathers, and other interesting things

- Dragons exist, but their default Ice & Fire spawning lairs have been turn off in the overworld.  Instead, they spawn in the Nether and in Ancient Warfare dragon lairs, which are way more interesting.