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Strictly Medieval 3 [FORGE]


I created Strictly Medieval for the sole purpose, every other pack felt to easy and not a real Medieval theme. This pack has over 20,000 custom leveling systems for each item in the game. over 20 stats to level up and earn new abilities. A HUGE Always updating Quest Book. Pray to Gods. Defeat Bosses, Dungeons, Dragons, and much more! I hope you enjoy your Medieval Experience. You'll find plenty of loot and structures to plunder. hundreds of mods, adding plenty of different weapons and armor. In the Third installment of Strictly Medieval I really dove into what the community has been saying. I've completely rebalanced Project MMO's Skills and leveling. No longer will it take literal days to get the armor your tools you want. BUT NOW it will take a good adventure and some scavenging to be more developed in the game. I've rebalanced some Origins as well as generated loot and structures. Get a real feel for a community driven experience and modpack where the DEV (myself) Listen to each and everyone who asks anything. I've always listened since SM1 to the people.  FEATURES:

  • BOSS FIGHTS, BOSS LOOT [ Quests and everything! ]
  • PROJECT MMO [ RPG/Runescape style skill leveling! ]
  • ARS NOUVEAU [ Magic casting ]
  • EDIOLON [ Brewing and Praying to the evil or good gods! ]
  • MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS [ Twilight Forest, Undergarden, Blue Skies, Aether! ]
  • Xaero's Minimap [Y]
  • CREATE [ Build HUGE medieval structures with moving components like a draw bridge! ]
  • Tiered items [ See image below ]!
  • Skill Tree [Right Alt] !
  • End Game Content!
  • &  MORE!!!!!

I can't wait for the pack to blow up and get out there for everyone to enjoy SM3!

WANT YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEO TO BE FEATURED HERE? **Join the welcoming discord to talk about it and or the modpack!! discord Link **

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