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Uploaded Oct 6, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions



+ Added:

- Guidebook 1.7.3

- MineMenu 1.4.5

- Sprout Patcher 2.0

- Toroquest 3.2.3

- MoreOverlays 1.11 (Replacing the main functionality which was being used from JWIN)

- Removed:

- MobProperties (wasn't being used)

- MinecraftComesAlive + RadixCore (a few too many big issues, and seemingly unsupported for months) 

- left included but disabled by default for ease of use with existinng worlds for now, to be fully removed in next major update


+ Updated:

- Forge

- Ambient Sounds 2.0.8

- Animania 1.3.3

- Bibliocraft 2.2.5

- Chest Transporter 2.5.18

- Chisel

- Chisels and Bits 12.16


- CustomNPCs 1.10.2(21jul17)

- CyclopsCore 0.10.9

- Dungeon Tactics 0.12.5

- DynamicSurroundings

- D3Core 1.3.1

- EverlastingAbilities 1.2.5

- ExtraBitManipulation 2.5.1

- Extra Utilities 2 1.6.3

- Foamfix 0.7.2

- Forgelin 1.5.1

- Gemulations 4.0.2

- GrappleMod 1.10.2 v10

- IronBackpacks 2.2.31

- JourneyMap 5.5.0

- LevelUp! 0.12.10

- LLibrary 1.7.7

- LoginShield 1.10.2-25-g2a63586

- Minecolonies 0.8.4063

- Railcraft 10.2.0

- RandomRestockableCrates 1.2.8

- Recurrent Complex 1.4.5

- RFTools 6.13

- RFTools Dimensions 5.0.5

- RPG-HUD 3.6.6

- ScalingHealth 1.2.2-70

- ShetiPhianCore 3.3.11

- SilentLib 2.2.6-66

- Silent's Gems 2.4.7-217

- SG Extra Parts 1.3.3-29

- SuperMultiDrills 1.5.2-43

- Waystones 2.0.13

+ Structures

- Tweaked Rarity of Slayer's Guild again, it seems to have become TOO rare with the previous tweak, should be better now.

- Added oldGreenhouse. Contains the Broken Farming Device

- Added villageLibrary, houses the Librarian

- Added villagePost, houses the Post Worker

- Added MadScientistsTower

- Added trapExtra

- Increased Spawn rate for bigalBlacksmith (the building with the Armourer), pureDaisyCave, enchanterHouse

- Reduced Spawn rate for ManasmithForge

- MesoChest: Added to the loot pool, to make the many maze structures a bit more lucrative

+ NPCs

- Quest: Basic Tools: Added Minecolonies guidebook to the Akashic Tome included in the starter kit

- Quest: Fetching the Fixed/Saddle Up: The Monk's Saddle is now a separate item, instead of a renamed vanilla saddle

- Factions: Tweaked the citizens faction to longer get attacked by mobs, and to be hidden on the factions list in the inv

- NPC: Added Mad Scientist (and a couple other related  minor NPCs), with a couple new quests (Traptastic, Basement Boy)

- NPC: Tinkerer: Added Farming Component to the blueprint duplication store

- NPC: Tinkerer: Increased the cost of duplicating Display stands to 16 iron coins

- NPC: Weaver: Significantly expanded what the Weaver buys and sells

- NPC: Miller: Reduced chance of dropping a hay bale on death from 100% to 20%

- NPC: Added Librarian - Buys and sells books, and has a couple of quests too

- NPC: Added Post Worker - Allows sending mail to players. Also notifies if you have unread mail when you come near

- NPC: Dragon Slayer: Fixed the dialogue for getting contracts being available before you join the guild

- NPC: Stablemaster: Store now accepts items NBT independently

+ Configs

- InControl: Added Mandragora and Matango to the list of mobs that only spawn at least 1500 blocks from spawn

- JSONLootBags: Fixed typo in name of Restonia armour grabbag

- Quadrum: Added Damaged Capacitor, Farming Component, Farming Component Blueprint, Broken Farming Device, Cloth(reimplemented from MCA), Merino Cloth, Monk's Saddle (replacing the renamed vanilla saddle used previously)

- Bibliocraft: Added bestiary, dictionary, tablet to list of keywords to allow as books on bookcases

- Minecolonies: disable colony protection - seems to cause far more problems than is worth

- Minecolonies: allow multiple warehouses per colony

- Minecolonies: don't always display name tags on colonists

- Levels: Removed the Soulbound ability from Armour. Should've been done last patch, but I didn't realize it was listed separately for armour and weapons

- EnderIO: Added SAGMill recipe breaking down the Broken Farming Device

- EnderIO: Added Enchanter recipes for a bunch more enchants

- EnderIO: Added SagMill recipe for diamond dust from diamonds

- InControl: Added Damaged Capacitor drops to CyberZombies and CyberSkeletons

- DungeonTactics: Added Runic Dictionary to Book Bags, SG Tip Upgrades + some SMD drill parts to Tool Bags

- DungeonTactics: Removed Grappling Hooks from Tool Bags - those weren't meant to be in there

- DungeonTactics: Removed Ender Book from Book bag drops - it is now purchased from the Librarian

- DungeonTactics: Readded wooden tools to Tool bag drops (for Minecolonies purposes)

- DungeonTactics: Added Cheese Wedges, Chocolate Truffles, Plain Omelette, Fish and Chips to Food Bags

- loot_tables (using Copypaste): Removed Restonia Crystal and Palis crystal from loot tables

- Quark: Fixed the ids for the Building Bricks partial grass blocks (slabs etc) to properly be affected by Quark's greener grass setting

- JEI: Hid a bunch of unused/incomplete/bugged/technical items and blocks from showing in JEI

- Malisis' Doors: Disabled overriding vanilla doors. This means no more nice animation for vanilla doors, but resolves weirdness with Minecolonies NPCs using them

- Quark: Force enabled double doors opening together since Malisis isn't doing that due to the above config change

- Quark: Reduced vein sizes of Dirt, Gravel, from 33 to 22

- Quark: Reduced cluster sizes of Andesite, Diorite, Granite, Limestone, Marble from 200 to 100

- Quark: Increased spawn rates of Crystal Caves from 1 in 150 chunks to 1 in 100 chunks

- Quark: Increased Spawn chance for Vanilla/Quark Dungeons from 8 to 16 - Animania: Added Horse Meat (Improving MC mod) as drop from Draft Horses

- ScalingHealth: Nerf blight spawn chances to be 5x more rare than before

- ScalingHealth: Blacklisted Squid, Minecolonies colonists from being Blights

- ScalingHealth: Blights can no longer spawn with extra armour pieces beyond the guarenteed helmet

- ScalingHealth: Further reduced the level of Speed given to blights from 3 to 1

- ArsMagicka2: Changed HUD display to show at all times once unlocked, rather than just when a spell is in the main hand

- Waystones: Prevent using Waystones across different dimensions. This is due to some issues that have been observed as a result of this, and to encourage getting other types of teleportation

- Cyberware: Reduced time for scanner operation, and increased its success chance

- Terraqueous: Disabled endimium ore. It doesn't have much use, so just craft it.

- Village Names: Disabled name generation for villagers. Hopefully this will maybe resolve the issue of dissapearing NPCS?

+ Scripts

- Fixed Pig Fat crafting only working with fully repaired carving knife

- Added Animania Prime meats + frog legs, and IMC Horse Meat to foodMeat ore dict, allowing their use in recipes such as dragon meal

- Changed bear trap recipe to use IE iron rods in normal mode (Scavenged only in scavenger mode), and removed the camping mod iron sticks from the pack

- Changed recipe for minecolonies building tool and scan tool to not clash with stone and iron builder's wand

- Both modes: Iron Casing from AA now requires garnet and restonia crystal

- you'll need to find some to craft the reconstructor to craft more

- Both modes: Changed recipes for Garden Cloche, Farmer (AA), Farming station to include Farming Components.

- Both modes: Changed recipe for the RFTools Machine frame to now use Palis crystal and Golden Beryl instead of lapis and gold nuggets

- Both modes: Changed recipe for RFTools Machine Infuser

- Normal mode: Added recipe for Farming Components (these are scavenged in scavenger mode)

- Scavenger mode: Added recipe for Farming Component blueprints for use with the Tinkerer 

- Added RC plates to relevant oredicts

- Added all seeds to listAllseed oredict

- Both modes: Added AA Crusher and IE Crusher recipes to break down Broken Farming Devices

- Both modes: Added Atomic Reconstructer recipe to restore Damaged Capacitors to Basic Capacitors

- Both modes: Recipe for needle and thread now uses an IE Iron rod in place of the MCA needle

- Both modes: Added tooltips to SMD Drill Parts indicating how to make the drills

- Both modes: Added tooltip to Restonia crystal indicating to buy the first ones from the Mad Scientist

- Normal mode: Redid recipes for Rune Bag, Essence Bag, Flower Pouch, Dust Pouch, Mage Robes to use cloth or Merino Cloth instead of wool

- Both modes: Added cloth to recipe for Manaweave cloth

- Scavenger mode: Removed recipes for Bag of Holding, Rune Bag, Essence Bag, Flower Pouch, Dust Pouch, Spellbinding Cloth - These are now purchased from the weaver

- Scavenger mode: Removed recipe for Ender Book - now exclusively purchased from Librarian

- Both modes: Tweak/add recipes for various enchant tokens

- Both modes: Add uses for jellyfish and leeches

- Both modes: Tweak recipe for endimium dust to include ender essence

- Both modes: Added Quark and Astral Sorcery Marble variants to Chisel

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