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Filename Sprout-0.9.3.zip
Uploaded by thephoenixlodge
Uploaded Jul 18, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 2.40 MB
Downloads 70,214
MD5 6705463b0d1c499a55cf057a4348fa17
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions



- Updated:

- Boatiful 0.11.0

- Chisel

- DynamicSurroundings

- InfinityLib 0.11.0

- Downgraded:

- ExtraUtilities2 1.4.4

- Structures:

- Added Fish pie, Mandrake pie, Boxed Lunch to the VillageKitchen loot tag

- NPCs

- Traveller: The Starter Kit now comes with an eternity upgrade applied

- Traveller: The Traveller's final quest (Basic Tools) now also gives the Traveller's Journal, with a few hints as to what else might be found in the world

- Configs:

- Levels: Disabled Soulbound ability - it doesn't work with TMG, use the enchant which does work

- Water Strainer: Added GoG Coalfish to the fisherman's strainer

- Scripts:

- Scavenger: fixed a typo that led to diamond leggings being craftable

- Tweaked recipes for fish pie, and AA Fish and Chips

- Removed C&B chisels from being options for crafting AM blank runes - they weren't working anyway

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