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Filename Sprout-0.9.2.zip
Uploaded by thephoenixlodge
Uploaded Jul 12, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 2.40 MB
Downloads 3,863
MD5 6fae857cae1b9a17c0104711e336c493
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


- Updated:
- Animania 1.2.1
- Astral Sorcery 1.4.5
- Chisel
- Dynamic Surroundings
- Earthworks
- Extra Utilities 2 1.5
- Grimoire of Gaia 3 1.5.6
- InControl 3.6.0
- JourneyMap 5.4.9b1
- McjtyLib 2.4.3
- Minecolonies
- Recurrent Complex 1.4.4
- StorageDrawers 3.7.10
- Structures:
- Updated the Weaver's house to have a "Needle & Thread" instead of "Needle and String"
- Fixed the Traveller's structure at spawn so his cart no longer gets partially deleted as he spawns
- Made the Slayer's guild a bit rarer - should result in less cases of all 5 copies spawning close to each other
- Overhauled the substructures used to spawn NPCs. Now is completely vertical with a 1x3x1 footprint, so should be less likely to get stuck unactivated in partially genned structures
- NPCs
- Removed random natural spawns of the Hunter. You'll need to find his hut now.
- For existing worlds: manually delete the "<world>/customNPCs/spawns.dat" file for this to take effect
- Updated the Tinkerer's store to now use the independent blueprint items added through quadrum.
- This won't retroactively update pre-existing Tinkerer's, so either spawn a replacement with the Mob Cloner, or explore to find a new one
- Configs
- Quadrum: Added better working clone of MCA's Needle and String to resolve issues making cloth
- Quadrum: Added individual items for each of the Scavenger Blueprints
- JEI: Hid MCA Needle and String
- Ice and Fire: reduced spawn rates of surface dragon roosts
- Ice and Fire: Dragon block destruction changed to only destroy weak blocks.
- EnderIO: added Alloy Smelter recipes for DT ore clusters
- Scripts
- Removed recipe for MCA Needle and String, used old recipe for Quadrum added Needle & Thread. (For the user this has no real effect other than working better)
- Redid the Cloth recipe to use the Quadrum added Needle & Thread. Also now accepts any colour wool
- Add recipe to smelt DT Ore Clusters to ingots. Still won't work in ExU2 furnace sadly. Also don't know why this recipe wasn't a thing to begin with.
- Add "Purchased from Weaver" tooltip to Silk (Both packmodes)
- Old blueprint recipes now apply to the new quardum based blueprint items. Functionally same as before, just less exploitable.

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