Sky's The Limit

1,065 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 23, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Please read this before downloading: I am no longer actively maintaining this pack. While I still like the overall concept and some of the execution, I simply don't think anything will come from it if I just keep editing the existing pack. I'm probably going to remake something similar to this soon-ish, but it won't be under this project. Regardless, thank you for playing.


Sky's The Limit is my personal first attempt at creating a modpack with an increased level of difficulty for the player which would be excruciatingly difficult to progress in, yet still hopefully very rewarding and fun to play as you discover various ways to fight your way towards the ultimate goal, which are, of course, the Creative Items.

This pack was originally created as a post-1.7 remake attempt of FTB Infinity Evolved Expert Mode Skyblock and thus has many recipes inspired directly or indirectly by it. It currently sports roughly 200 mods at the time I'm writing this description which have been interlinked with one another through various different kinds of recipe additions and changes.

Notable mods included in this pack (sort of in order of intended progression):

- Sky Resources 2 (as opposed to Ex Nihilo, which is of course also a great mod)

- Tinkers' Construct

- Immersive Engineering

- Actually Additions

- IC2 + Tech Reborn

- The Thermal Series

- EnderIO

- Applied Energistics 2

- Mekanism

- Botania

- Astral Sorcery

- Blood Magic

- and of course, the mod to end all mods: Avaritia

as well as many, many more.


I hope you have fun with this first "solo"-created Minecraft project of mine and if you have anything to suggest or complain about, feel free to use either the CurseForge comment section or via the GitHub Issues page linked above.


I've tried playing this pack on 3 different setups, all of which turned out to be pretty much fine, so you should be fine as well if you have at least:

- 4-5GB of RAM available to assign to the pack (aka min. 8GB installed in total)

- a half-decent CPU (I dunno like... 5th gen Intel was the lowest I tested, so I guess that)

- The Twitch App (or MultiMC or anything really) to install this pack, obviously


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