Sky Colony

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This is your primary goal!


Forge: 2607
Ram: 2.2 GB Minimum || 4 GB Recommended
Java: 8 u162 or better

ServerPack available at 


The goal of this pack is to place a Minecolony ship in a sky block world and then build all of the possible structures to the highest level possible. Anything else you do will not be considered end-game.

You have at your arsenal a decent amount of technology and magic to help you in this quest or rather to deter you from your goal.




Video on D.Tube


  • Should you ever lose control of your colony please the see the Troubleshooting page for instructions on how to resolve it.

Start World

I have created a world that you can use in both your single player and multiplayer worlds, just download and place the world folder in either your server directory for multiplayer or saves folder for single player.

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