Sky Adventure

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Bisect Hosting

If you want a server setup for the Sky Adventure mod pack with zero effort, get a server with BisectHosting and receive 25% off your first month as a new customer using the code kreezxil





In this incarnation of my Sky World packs, I decided to give Dr. Cyano's Tech mods Electric Advantage, Power Advantage and Steam Advantage a real shot at being used by having it alongside of Hopper Ducts by FyberOptic to be the only tech in the pack.


The server which is available via my site at creates a single island that you and your friends will share. The mods in the pack do no support individual islands just yet. The server that is available under Multiplayer bears these attributes so be kind to your fellow traveler and don't grief the server.


It is my hope that Sky Resources doesn't have any show stopping issues like Ex Nihilo 2 and Parachronology have.


Command Block protected world spawn with starting instructions:


Server pack for the current client version can be found at


Since my character is the first player, you can rest assured that all of your characters will be able to create an island.


Want to see more awesome features like an 8 core dedicated server as an example? Then consider donating to me at

Help a Veteran today

I am Veteran of United States Army. I am not disabled. But I do love to make these mods and modpacks for you guys. Please help me to help you by Donating at


This project is proudly powered by FORGE, without whom it would not be possible. Help FORGE get rid of Adfocus at




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