2,889 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10  

From the creator of ShuCraft this modpack is exactly the same as the original pack but with many changes including the actual world generation which involves nothing but a tree and a block of dirt to start off with. Project E has been tweaked to be more expensive for certain items and any items that never had EMC values now have values.


If you still want to play in a normal(ish) world gen you can only do so by creating a portal to the deep dark or you can live in the Fruit Lands.


You may also send yourself to another planet if you progress enough. The planets do not show up as void when visiting!


Many other changes have been done so all possible items can be obtained but if you find certain items can't be obtained let shufunk know and he will look into it.


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