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ShuCraft 3.5 is the well awaited update to ShuCraft 3 where it was originally created when 1.12.2 mods started coming out 2 years ago. A lot of modders have focused on 1.12.2 to the point almost all mods that have been used in the past packs are now converted. I felt no need to update a pack that is two years old and wanted to create an in between pack. ShuCraft 3.5 has all the mods where some were added and some were removed. Because of so many name changes of certain mods going into their 1.12.2 conversions I don't have a proper list of changes but i do have a list of new mods that were added to the pack


Vanilla+ Tools - I found this mod when working on the Alpha for ShuCraft 4 which is for 1.15.2. i wanted to see if this was released for 1.12.2 and it ends out there was a release for that version so i added it to the pack. This mod allows people to have a shovel or a hammer that does a 3x3 breakage using vanilla tools. An example is i can make a super shovel with 9 wooden shovels. The best thing about this mod is you can repair the tools with an anvil so this is the perfect mod to use if you don't plan to use the higher tier tools from tinkers right away.


Stone Chest - This mods is just a simple mod that allows the player to create a chest with cobblestone! Perfect for start of the game where you are getting a lot of cobble when strip mining


Large Ore Deposits - This mods is self explained by the name. I only set this to default since there was no need to worry about how often the large deposits showed up and what types there were. Larger ore deposits help later in the game and if you play the game right just note the coordinates and come back later to collect the lot.


Iron Furnaces - This mod acts just like Iron Chests with how you upgrade the block. What basically happens is the higher the tier the faster the smelting. Also the higher tiers have more slots for fuel and items you can smelt. This mod does not allow mixing.


Magneticraft - I always loved playing factorio and always wanted to play a first person version. This mod adds a conveyor system as well as inserters similar to the original mechanics of the game. There are other features in this mod that is great for early gameplay where you can easily get more ingots by sieving. You also get a chance to get higher tier ores early too.