ShuCraft 2.0

768 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 21, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2  

This is a modpack for the Minecraft community on Beam and Twitch that follow Shufunk and the Bad at Gaming Network. This modpack is a major upgrade of original ShuCraft made in 1.7.10. All mods that were in 1.7.10 that have been ported to 1.10.2 are in this pack. Some newer mods have been added to the pack for more fun stuff to do!


NOTE: Any mod that has not been ported and you have been playing the original shucraft you will not be able to play in your old world and would have to start over!


What's new?


Most mods that have been ported to 1.10.2 are still here but some things changed!


Extra Utilities 2 - Some machines use a seconday power called Grid Power or GP. 


Natura - Redwood trees do not work but everything else is there!


Railcraft and Immersive Engineering - Both mods share certain ores and machines so no need to worry about what to use.


Advanced Genetics - Renamed to Genetics Reborn


Steves Carts 2 - Renamed to Steves Carts Reborn


New mods

  • Super Stick Sword
  • Randomite Ore
  • Super Ores
  • Simple Gems
  • and more!*

* Not really new just it's own mod instead of bundled




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