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Ships Slimes and Splosins

A survival modpack for our server. The base of the modpack is the Ice and Fire: Dragons and the Twilight forest, with additions for Create mod, Origins, and other steampunk and fantasy themed items. 

All rights to the owners of the original mods.

The overall goal of this pack is to create a steampunk fantasy and science fiction experience with a focus on warfare. 

Main Mods: 
Ice and Fire: Dragons - For a fantasy challenge! 
Twilight Forest: Increased fantasy dimension with new challenges
Create- Create is a mod used for both aesthetic purposes and for the creation of factories!
Origins-A mod that lets you choose your race upon spawning in. We have multiple customized races specifically for the server! 
Biomes a Plenty - To flush out the world! 
When Dungeons Arise- A massive dungeon generator which gathers plenty of dungeons and generates them randomly! Quite a few of our planned areas are thanks to this mod.