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SeriousFirmaCraft is my own take on a pack that focuses on mainly TerraFirmaCraft, and integrates additional mods such as Create to work with TFC. 

The focus is to expand the TFC experience without replacing any existing mechanics. Even at end game you will still be using all the TFC mechanics. 


On top of that the pack has several Quality of Life, cosmetic, and logistics mods, such as Small Ships, Paragliders, Joy of Painting, and so on (full mod list can be seen under the "Relations" tab). 


The pack was mostly designed for my private SMP (available for Tier 1+ subscribers of mine or MischiefOfMice's twitch channel), which means it includes some mods by default that are mainly used on said server, such as proximity voice AND text chat, pehkui, swapthings, and hardcore revival. 


Noteworthy config changes:

  • Days per month are set to 24 by default
  • Trees take twice as long to grow
  • Anvil allows you to be 1 pixel off to count as a successful craft
  • When you die, you respawn either near your respawn point (bed) or near your death point, depending on which one is closer
  • If you are playing in multiplayer, friends have a chance to resurrect you before you fully die
  • Small vessels can no longer be placed in large vessels or chests
  • Stairs and slabs require a chisel and can no longer be crafted in a workbench




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