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LogoAbout Serious Pack

Serious Pack is a modpack designed to increase

the difficulty of the game by 150% and forces player
to give all they got and do whatever it takes to survive
in this cruel feudal blocky world, it contains many 
tweaks and mechanics that will increase production,

construction and gameplay time by a lot.


Origins of this modpack

This modpack has been designed a long time
ago under a different name and in a more player-friendly 

way but I decided to reconstruct it and 
increase its difficulty levels and fun at the same time,
there is nothing more to say about it, only that its first

version was hard enough in co-op with another player

however, this one is more serious.



  • Its simple
  • 1.Download Modpack
  • 2.Unpack it to .Minecraft
  • 3.Make sure there is no mods folder
  • in .minecraft folder
  • 4.Run game and have fun

    Note: This modpack requires at least 5GB of ram to make it playable
    since there are mods that are changing biome behavior and environment

    Now here is a small preview of what can be found in modpack
    Survival and Stuff
      • Full season cycle that will be changing biomes and temperature
      • A temperature that will be changing


        Resources reduction, more mining, and exploring will be required


      • Nutrition provided by SOL, player will be required to create farms
      • Seasons affecting crops so now player will have to build a greenhouse


    • Tool modification, now tools are more real
    • Animals that can attack player but the number of variants is high now
    • Medicine will be required, no more regeneration
    • Many hazards
    • Starting from basic technology like a stone grinder and finishing on nuclear power
    • The chemistry that is required for most of the stuff in later stage
    • Advanced machines for the late stage of the game
    • Farm watering system that will help build bigger and better farms
    • New ways to store Items and transport liquids
    • Many potions that will help you survive
    • Basic but better mobs that will want you to die
    • Guns for self-defense but mobs are prepared tooLow health will prevent you from dealing damage to mobs


    • And here is the list of mods
    • Every mod can be found on Curse
      • Advanced Fishing
      • AgriCraft
      • AgriSeasons
      • Animania
      • Antique Atlas
      • Apple Core
      • Barrel Drums Storage and More!
      • Better FPS
      • Better With Mods
      • Bookshelf
      • Ceramics
      • Chameleon Core
      • Chesel Mod
      • Craft Studio API
      • Connected Textures Mod
      • Death Quotes
      • Dynamic Surroundings
      • Epic Siege
      • Extra Alchemy
      • Fast Leaf Decay
      • Forgelin
      • Global Game Rules
      • GuideBook API
      • Horse Power
      • Infinity LIB
      • Inventory Tweaks
      • Just Enough Items
      • Magneticraft
      • Minerva lib
      • Model Loader
      • MT Lib
      • Nether Portal Fix
      • Nuclear Craft
      • Ore Lib
      • Pam's Harvestcraft
      • Realistic Torches
      • Reborn Core
      • Redstone Flux
      • Rockhounding Chemistry
      • Rockhounding Core
      • Rough Tweaks
      • Serenas Seasons
      • Spice of life
      • Storage Drawers
      • Surge
      • Tech Guns
      • Tech Reborn
      • Tough As Nails
      • Unloader
      • VanillaFix
      • Water Strainer



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