SergeCraft 2

3,261 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 26, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

SergeCraft returns, for version 2!


As many of you may know, Serge (at enjoyed the original version of the pack, but he wanted to try new things, and he had some THOUGHTS about what he wanted to play. So this, newest version of SergeCraft, is born of discussions between him and I.


First and most importantly, Astral Sorcery is newest, most primary mod for the pack, as it's the one Serge is most interested in, but I've also got a number of other mods in the pack.


This version of SergeCraft also comes packed with magic - Botania, Nature's Aura, and Thaumcraft.


For the more technically minded, we also have Actually Additions and Immersive Engineering.


As always, we have a whole host of Quality of Life and Aesthetic mods to support these, including favorites like Dynamic Trees, Traverse, Quark, and much more!


I hope everyone enjoys the new version of the pack and enjoys Serge's playing of this pack.



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