Scourge of Orcus

874 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 8, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

A new modpack and a new adventure. This is the first modpack put out by myself and my team that is specifically designed as an Adventure Mode pack. The pack features HQM as well as CustomNPCs and a great culmination of mods to enhance the expereince. The thing about this pack is it is meant to be played in Adventure Mode, so the mods are relatively lightweight yet immersive enough to provide you with an epic adventure expereince or at least that is the hope.


The Story:

You are a champion enlisted in the 13-11 Royal Taskforce. You and your team under Command Erwin Smith were sent to the Lands of Iuvem by her Majesty, Queen Richolda Esabell. The Magic Council has reported an increase in activity originating from this Contient. The overflow is believed to be causing increased attacks on the Main Land. The Magic Council is unable to report any further because they do not have enough information. We were sent here to investigate and if possible provide a report of what is going on, and send it back to the Council for further investigation.


The World:

The world is called Lands of Iuvem and it is 4k by 4k. It is pre-generated and packed with secrets. Players if they so choose can continue along with the main story or drift off and go explore the magnifience of this world created by Corpeh. Custom built structures populate the world, side quests, hidden treasures and so much more. There are even puzzles that the players must participate in to reveal hidden secrets. Each of these have been hand placed or hand built by my team. We develop games. It's our hobby as a company, so we decided to try and create a game within Minecraft. A map of picture of the world can be seen in the spoiler. Players can use it as reference if they so choose.







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