Road to the Nuclear Apocalypse

210 Downloads Last Updated: May 14, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.10

Reusing the solid foundations put in place by voltz, mekanism, ICBM (superseded by ICBM Classic), galacticraft, and others, have made a return, updated to 1.7.10 with additions and enhancements. On top of those, more mods, including but not limited to Vic's Modern Warfare mod, flans mod (with WWII planes loaded), open modular turrets and smart moving have been added to build upon the gameplay model to make it more unique and enjoyable by providing new ways to raid others bases, and to defend your own. 



A sphax pure bdcraft pack has been made to support all of the mods in this pack, you can find it Here

Please note you still need to install the default textures along side it



Unfortunately, optifine does not give permission to include it in modpacks, however as I cannot help but recommend it, here's a tutorial to install it

  1. Download the latest 1.7.10 version of optifine from here
  2. Run the jar file that you've just downloaded, and click "extract" 
  3. A new file should be generated in the same directory as the original one, copy that into the mods folder of Road to the Nuclear Apocalypse (which you can navigate to from the twitch client by clicking the cog in the top right corner of the Modpack, and clicking "open folder" 



All mods used can be found here.

Extra Credits:


Defense Tech (for versions 1.4.1 and below) 

Flans Mod 


The content packs have been modified, removing all weapons, the Lancaster bomber and the two seated biplane (as they were causing crashes), this has been done to move the focus for weapons to Vic's Modern Warfare mod. 


The version of physica in this modpack has been modified, the source of the modified mod can be found at the link above






Vic4Games and Vic4GamesTeam for the Vic's Modern Warfare Mod


Known Issues:

Please note that this Modpack is in beta, and it is almost definite that there will be more bugs and imbalances than just these, if you find any it would be wonderful if you could report them in the "Issues" section of this Modpack page here

  • The game often crashes to desktop when you destroy a Sync shell
  • When creating a new game, using the World type Biomes O'Pleanty has a tendency to crash to desktop.
  • If you install optifine, if you enable fast render then Vic's Modern Warfare mod will glitch out significantly
  • If you open the repair menu while in a flans mod plane and while missing a wing, you'll crash to desktop


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