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Filename RLCraft v2.8.2 HARDCORE Config Pack (V3).zip
Uploaded by Shivaxi
Uploaded Jun 28, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 1.37 MB
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HARDCORE Config Pack for RLCraft v2.8.2 - (V3)


Simply download this zip, navigate to your RLCraft install, and unzip the contents of this zip file into your RLCraft main directory.  The config folder here should overwrite the config folder in your RLCraft install, same with the Scripts folder, etc.  You can even make a new profile, fresh install RLCraft v2.8.2, rename it to something like "RLCraft Hardcore Config" and install this config over the new install, which is recommended.

Summary: These changes represent a re-balance and change to things I personally feel are either OP or would provide a better challenge, and are meant to extend progression and early/mid game, but may prove too difficult for the average player. Some of these changes may make it in a future RLCraft update.  This was meant for Hardcore mode but it does not have to be played in Hardcore.  However LARGE BIOMES is recommended.

-2 hearts per body part

-Bosses are always infernal (except Lycanite mini bosses)

-Random starting season

-XP you gain is halved

-Explosions destroy items

-Battletowers are twice as rare (1400 blocks minimum distance, was 700 before)

Lycanite Forges building requirements increased.
-Level 1 Forge = 12 Building (from 6)
-Level 2 Forge = 18 Building (from 12)
-Level 3 Forge = 24 Building (from 18)

-Chance to add creatures to Lycanite Beastiary on kill has been reduced to a 5% chance (from 15%)

Spartan Weaponry Rebalance!
-Rapier base damage now 1.5 (was 2.5)
-Saber base damage now 3.0 (was 4.5)
-Battleaxe base damage now 4.0 (was 5.0)
-Greatsword base damage now 3.5 (was 6.0) and damage multiplier 1.5 (was 2.0)
-Halberd base damage now 4.5 (was 6.5) and damage multiplier 1.5 (was 2.5)
-Hammer base damage now 5.0 (was 6.0) and damage multiplier 2.0 (was 1.0)
-Glaive base damage now 5.0 (was 4.0) and damage multiplier 1.5 (was 1.0)
-Javelin base damage now 1.0 (was 1.5) and damage multiplier 2.0 (was 0.5)
-Mace base damage now 3.5 (was 4.0) and damage multiplier now 1.5 (was 1.0)
-Pike damage multiplier now 1.5 (was 0.5)
-Quartersaff base damage now 4.0 (was 1.5) and damage multipler 1.5 (was 1.0)
-Spear base damage is now 6.0 (was 4.5)
-Warhammer base damage now 5.0 (was 4.0) and damage multiplier 1.5 (was 1.0)
-Dagger base damage now 3.0 (was 2.5) and damage multiplier 1.0 (was 0.5)
(base damage represents that item at wood level)
(damage multiplier means how much damage is added per material upgrade)

Lycanite Treat Rebalance
-Dragon Treats only output 1 now
-Demon Treats only output 1 now
-Aquatic Treats only take Cephignus and Aurisaur meat
-Avian Treats only output 1 now, and only take concapede meat or fish fillet meat

-Wood and Stone spartan weapon recipes have been removed. You may still find them, but they are no longer craftable.

-Wood and Stone spartan shields are no longer usable/craftable. In tangent with this, the round shield from Better Survival no longer requires defense to use

-Sleeping no longer heals the player.


-Spawn area changed to 1000 x -1000 radius

-Difficulty meter will display in the bottom left occasionally, but generally you will have to rely on a compass to see your coords, and mob health, to know what the difficulty of the area is that you are in.

-Difficulty starts at 0, and will increment in real time based on your distance from the center of the world, about every 1000 blocks, adding 1 to the difficulty meter.

-For every increment up in difficulty, mobs receive extra health and extra damage. So at about 1000 blocks away from the center of the world, zombies will have closer to 30 health (vanilla 20) and do 5 damage per hit (vanilla 4)

-The difficulty is not limited to single digits, it is a decimal point system, constantly scaling in real time, so if you're 1500 blocks away from spawn, the difficulty meter may display 1, but it will be closer to 1.5, which will still effect mobs, keep that in mind.

-Also keep in mind that, at x: 1000 and z: 0 on your coords, that will count as difficulty 1. But x: 1000 and z: 1000, will be closer to difficulty 2, because you are technically further away from spawn, being diagonal from it.

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