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Filename RLCraft 1.12.2 - Beta v2.5.zip
Uploaded by Shivaxi
Uploaded Jun 3, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 13.81 MB
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MD5 d510980fc08ca2f3052c9b9edd5028d8
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changelog v2.4 to v2.5


Quick summary of what's new!

  • -Lava fishing!
  • -Lycanite forges added, build custom weaponry out of mob parts
  • -New fishing poles for unique fish and treasures, including Neptunium Armor
  • -New enchantments added from fishing mod and update from So Many Enchantments
  • -Lost Souls mod added so buildings in the Lost Cities can be haunted
  • -New shields!  Check recipes for iron, diamond, silver shields, etc, with shield bash mechanic


  • -Advanced Fishing mod
  • -Aquaculture mod
  • -Lost Souls mod
  • -Spartan Sheilds mod
  • -Added a bunch more baubles and trinkets to the reforging recipe list to be able to be reforged at a reforging station
  • -Added lycanite equipment forges to reskillable since they're usable now (requires building)
  • -Configured Lost Souls, added more mobs and items and adjusted settings for balance, changed messaging about haunted buildings to be more immersive
  • -Disabled override of vanilla fishing from Advanced Fishing so Fishing Proficiency still works from LevelUp (only with vanilla fishing pole, Fishing Proficiency won't work with the new fishing poles from Aquaculture)
  • -Added new fishing poles from Aquaculture to reskillable
  • -Added custom recipe for blazing fishing pole from Advanced Fishing
  • -Added neptunium tools and armor to reskillable
  • -Added spartan shields to reskillable


  • -Updated all mods to latest
  • -Buffed Aegis attack damage from 1 to 4 (should actually stand a chance now and be able to defend villagers better)
  • -Fireworks only requires 4 agility now (why was this so high before)
  • -Allowed Recall and Wormhole potions to work inter-dimensionally
  • -Wither Skull only requires 8 building and 8 magic now (again, not sure why this was so high)
  • -Made a slight change to the way Scaling Health scales health for mobs that MAY fix the rare invincible mob bug
  • -Lowered shears requirement to 2 gathering (was 4)
  • -Lowered fishing rod requirement to 4 gathering (was 8) due to new fishing poles



  • -Removed the default umbrium_nugget furnace recipe so my own recipes take precedence instead, smelting umbrium tools/armor now give umbrium ingots like they were supposed to
  • -Fixed all the reskillable syntax for items that require levels and have a durability (previously only full durability items were being taken into account)
  • -Removed the duplicate sin amulet recipe
  • -Fixed reskillable requirements missing from some armor and other mistakes with it
  • -Added a few more things to the blacklist of CarryOn like Tough As Nails cooling/heating coils which caused a crash

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