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Filename RLCraft 1.12.2 - Beta v2.3.zip
Uploaded by Shivaxi
Uploaded May 20, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2  
Size 13.74 MB
Downloads 1,866
MD5 a30b13e8334b5c79da8214da46341d90
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changelog v2.2 to v2.3:



  • -Added Potion Fingers Ring to Quality Tools reforging list, can now be reforged via gold ingot
  • -Added 2 new recipe's to obtain spectral silt
  • -Added Tough as Nail fire spit addon
  • -Updated CraftTweaker to latest version
  • -Added Anvil Patch - Lawful, repairing tools/armor will no longer increase XP cost next time around (removes cumulative cost per repair).  Enchanted tools/armor will still raise repair costs
  • -Added mining requirements to Defiled Lands ore's that were supposed to have them


  • -Removed building requirement on Eye Of Ender
  • -Removed extra upgrades from grapple hook mod that were not supposed to be enabled in the first place (especially the broken ender staff).  Only base grapple hook allowed now
  • -Removed heartbeat sound from Dynamic Surroundings when low on health as Enhanced Visuals already has this, no more double heart beats


  • -Updated Scaling Health to latest version, this should fix cave spiders no longer dealing poison damage


  • -Remove one of the diamond arrow recipes
  • -Mobs spawned from spawners now have the chance to spawn with backpacks
  • -Using a Waystone warp scrolls/return scrolls will now be interuppted if you take damage
  • -Lowered XP cost to reforge bountiful baubles
  • -Slightly lowered the chance of wormhole and recall potions spawning as dungeon loot
  • -Bloodmoon is now 1% chance each night (was 2%) and mob spawns tripled (was quadrupled, proved to be too laggy)
  • -Rebalanced spartanweaponry arrows, wood arrows base damage now 0.5 (from 0.2) and diamond arrows base damage now 4.0 (from 3.5)
  • -Lowered lycanite's water mob spawns down to 50% chance every 30 seconds (was 75% chance every 20 seconds)
  • -Lowered lycanite's nether mob spawns down to 20% chance every minute (was 25% chance every 40 seconds)
  • -Lowered lycanite's underground mob spawns down to 10% chance every 40 seconds (was 25% chance)
  • -Removed building requirement on enchanting table, changed enchanting table to require 12 magic instead of 8
  • -Changed brewing stand requirements, now requires 8 building and 8 magic
  • -Updated first aid bandage recipe to craft 2 bandages instead of 1
  • -Lowered the chance of Death popping out of bed when you try to sleep

New Issues:

  • -Nunchucks kick you from a server if you hold down left click using them (spinny attack)

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