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Filename RLCraft 1.12.2 - Beta v2.2.zip
Uploaded by Shivaxi
Uploaded May 19, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2  
Size 13.73 MB
Downloads 1,971
MD5 60622224dd1f9b165cca6a414629f85f
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


changelog v2.1 to v2.2



  • -Added Xp From Harvest! Now gain XP from harvesting/planting crops
  • -Added missing village library structure addons I meant to add in last version (oops)
  • -Added wolf armor to smelting recipes
  • -Added new recipe for scaling health medikit using heart dust
  • -Added dragon skulls to wrath pendant crafting recipe
  • -Added recipe to craft heart dust into heart crystal shards
  • -Added recipes to smelt silver ore and sapphire ore back, as latest version of ice and fire broke this
  • -Added silver axe to axe ore dictionary to allow it to chop wood via right click, part of No Tree Punching
  • -Added dynamic tree seeds to reskillable requirements (vanilla seeds were added already but forgot to update it for dyanmic tree seeds)
  • -Added defiled grass/dirt/sand/gravel to No Tree Punching always breakable whitelist
  • -Added some defiled ores I missed to the reskillable requirements for mining



  • -Disabled le annoying elephant sound from Dynamic Surroundings



  • -Added Ice and Fire to Carry On blacklist, fixes dupe glitch with dragon skulls
  • -Removed all doors from Multi Mine config, fixes dupe glitch for doors
  • -Lowered Lycanite's Mob Type Limit to 16 per mob (was 64) hopefully reduces server lag, as too many lycanite mobs were spawning everywhere



  • -Reduced cost of waystones, now 1 level for every 2000 blocks
  • -Reduced XP dropped by Blights, accidentally had it at 200 multipler Ex Dee, is now 40. Blight speed is now 4x multiplier and Blight strength 2x multiplier (was 3 and 1)
  • -Reduced tumbleweed spawns (they were everywhere)
  • -First Aid bandage recipe now outputs 2 bandages instead of 1
  • -Flint has 100% chance now to give a flint shard after smashing (previous changelog, forgot to add)


New Issues:

  • -DO NOT activate/place/use an item frame while holding an item in your off-hand, causes bug that kills/destroys the item in your main-hand!
  • -Tenebra door from Defiled Lands drops oak door when mined, author knows and will fix in next build
  • -Silver Axe from Ice and Fire does not properly harvest wood (left click) for some reason, looking into it

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