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Filename RLCraft 1.12.2 - Beta v2.1.zip
Uploaded by Shivaxi
Uploaded May 16, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2  
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Changes from 1.11 version to now: (note: this probably isn't everything since this update from 1.11 to 1.12 has been a year in the making, so I'm sure I missed some stuff)




  • -All mods updated to latest, forge version updated
  • -No Tree Punching! Can longer punch trees down with your fists, start with flint tools or find a shelter/village to start
  • -Added First Aid! Locational hit damage, helmet armor extremely important now so you don't get headshot, drowning/starving only goes to body health, be careful
  • -Re-enabled health items from Scaling Health as they work now with First Aid
  • -Recipe fix for dagger, can now be crafted in 2x2 crafting window
  • -Recipe fix for Better Survival stone weapons, can use all cobblestone now
  • -Traverse! New Biomes!
  • -Dynamic Trees with integration for Traverse
  • -Breaking leaves now drops sticks
  • -Spartan Weaponry! Tons more weapon diversity
  • -Tumble Weeds, because tumble weeds
  • -Carry On! Sneak+Right click with empty hand to pickup entities such as chests, crafting tables, pigs, and more, walk with them around and place them wherever, vary nice
  • -Baubles HUD, addon to show equipped baubles on HUD overlay
  • -Simple Camp Fire, alternative campfire item and recipe to replace Tough As Nails campfire item, allowing much more control and cooking as well
  • -Added recipe for birch wood into paper
  • -Added reskillable requirements for all the new weapons and armor from Ice & Fire + Spartan Weaponry
  • -Added Defiled Lands
  • -Added Trinkets & Baubles
  • -Added Bountiful Baubles
  • -Added Corpse Complex with craftable death scroll to return to last death location
  • -Added Armor Underwear for Tough As Nails temperature, can now layer any armor with hot or cool liners, all armors added to config list
  • -Added Spartan Weaponry and Spartanfire, addon for Ice & Fire so Spartan weapons may be crafted with dragonbone material from Ice & Fire
  • -Updated smelting recipes to include all weapons and armors from Spartan Weaponry, Ice & Fire, and Defiled Lands for weapons/armor that make sense to be smelted, including Silver and Umbrium
  • -Added Scaling Health, this adds very rare blight mobs that are very fast and strong, but drop a lot of XP, also adds back heart container item as Tough As Nails removed this item from their mod, heart shards have chance to drop from vanilla mobs, and heart shard ore can be found mining, plus hearts regen up to 3 full hearts now if you're below that
  • -Added new structures to Recurrect Complex and balanced their weights and generations
  • -Added new healing items and recipes
  • -Added some more alternative recipes for some of the new trinkets and baubles



  • -Removed Not Enough Potions, no 1.12 version yet. Will be replaced with a mod called Additions coming soon by same developer.
  • -Disabled gold and diamond saw and all knives except flint knife from No Tree Punching, Diamond Knife does more damage than a Diamond Sword at the moment, reported and hope for fix in the future
  • -Removed Crystal Caves, no 1.12 version
  • -Removed ability for Roguelike Dungeons to generate using precious blocks like diamond blocks, emerald blocks, etc (oops)



  • -Updated all custom recipes to use ore dictionaries where applicable
  • -Lowered Spriggan spawn chance from breaking crops to 0.1% (was 0.5%)
  • -Changed flint knapping success chance to 100%, flint should never break and give you nothing now
  • -Slightly increased chances for getting plant fiber, log chopping, and stick drops from leaves
  • -Reworked bandage and plaster recipes
  • -Skillable deprecated, replaced with Re-Skillable the successor, updated and rebalanced for 1.12, added Spartan Weaponry and all other new items to the skills lists
  • -Craftable chainmail replaced with another mod that does the same thing
  • -Added tumble weeds to blacklist of Carry On because crash
  • -Random mob events from lycanites mobs now happen randomly between 5 and 10 hours, mobs spawned from this event forcefully despawn after 5 minutes
  • -Lowered Geonach spawn chance from ores
  • -Lowered chance and adjusted conditions for Cinder spawns from fire, now requires 12 fires in close proximity for Cinders to spawn (this fixes cinders spawning in some of the naturally generated villages and structures)
  • -Lowered lycanite underground spawn chance and rate, as well as Tremor spawn chance from explosions
  • -Greatly lowered "mix" spawn chance for Xaphans, some naturally generating structures caused tons of Xaphans to spawn, severely reducing FPS
  • -Dragons never despawn now
  • -Can now drink directly from rain or water sources with empty hand, sneak + right click
  • -Adjusted temperatures and seasons to be a little more forgiving in neutral or semi-neutral biomes, harsh biomes should still be a challenge and require the right gear
  • -Tough As Nails armors cool/warm twice as much as they did before (wool and slime armor)
  • -Added block heat to some missing items from other mods
  • -Removed cold block heat from ice, packed ice, and snow (made it impossible to survive in snowy/icy biomes)
  • -Re-did and re-balanced a lot of the requirements, bows no longer require 4 attack for example
  • -Sleeping now heals 50% of health
  • -Re-balanced XP drops from mob spawners and loot drops from mob spawners
  • -Re-balanced a lot of custom generation like dragon nests and caves, snow villages, roguelike dungeons, battletowers, and the new lycanite dungeons, should be spaced out a bit more properly now
  • -Re-balanced and updated loot tables for Battle Towers, Doomlike Dungeons, and Mob Spawner Control
  • -Re-balanced and updated a lot of the Skillable (now Reskillable) requirements due to change in how Reskillable takes XP plus for all new mods that add items
  • -Requested feature to First Aid, added now, hunger and drowning will only go to chest/body
  • -Re-balanced some biome and season temperatures for Tough as Nails/Serene Seasons
  • -Doomlike Dungeon difficulty scaled to 5 (nightmare) which now includes bosses
  • -Re-did entire loot tables for Doomlike Dungeons
  • -Manually incorporated Lycanite's Mobs into Doomlike Dungeons and appropriate themes, as well as bosses for Doomlike Dungeons, bosses can be from Lycanite's or Ice and Fire depending on dungeon theme
  • -Re-did Battle Towers loot tables entirely
  • -Re-did Inferno Mobs drops and loot
  • -Did I mentioned i re-did the loot tables for like everything? it took forever man
  • -Added some appropriate blocks to TaN temperature json like new campfire

Known Bugs:


  • -Serene Seasons forces block updates which causes some of the generated structures that have falling block traps in place (sand/gravel) to activate and pre-maturely fall on generation instead of when the player interacts with them, currently no fix
  • -Some larger structures that generate from Recurrect Complex can cause server to freeze for a bit
  • -Flamed and Iced dragonbone weapons from spartan weaponry are not repairable with dragonbones like they're supposed to be, reported to dev, hope for fix soon
  • -Myrmex weapons, armors, and tools cannot be repaired, bug with Ice and Fire, reported, hope for fix soon (might be able to add the recipe's myself manually)

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