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Filename RLCraft 1.11.2 - Beta v1.3.zip
Uploaded by Shivaxi
Uploaded Feb 12, 2018
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 4.48 MB
Downloads 983
MD5 b980116af8564a813c3695ca95bb3abe
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changelog beta v1.3


-updated the version of Forge RLCraft uses
-slightly lowered the max amount of XP mob spawners will drop (50 to 100 instead of 50 to 150)
-reduced bloodmoon chance to 2% (from 3%)
-reduced waystone generation chance
-updated Dyanamic Surroundings to latest version
-updated So Many Enchantments to latest version, re-enabled Counter-Attack enchantment as this update fixes this
-added Sit mod for sitting on stairs and slabs (can only sit when holding no item)
-added Fancy Block Particles mod and configured
-enabled damage indicators and crit damage indicators from Dynamic Surroundings
-shears now require just Gathering 4 to use
-crossbows now require attack 4 where normal bows still require attack 8 (balanced this way because of all of the perks and bonuses for normal bows that crossbows don't have)
-sheep drop wool again on death
-fixed magic requirements for some of the sceptors
-modified altitude temperature settings slightly, going underground should be colder now as well as when climbing mountains
-modified packed ice block temperature settings slightly
-added Craftable Chainmail mod for a better chainmail recipe and removed my added recipes from crafttweaker
-disabled elephant sound in Dynamic Surroundings...there are no elephants...so this sound effect makes no sense xD
-updated Enhanced Visuals and lowered blood splatter time on screen


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