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Filename RLCraft 1.11.2 - Beta v1.2.zip
Uploaded by Shivaxi
Uploaded Jan 28, 2018
Game Version 1.11.2
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MD5 798ba98d8bc497bc48b4b145d3b162fa
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changelog beta v1.2


-added enchanced visuals mod, enhanced visual feedback for taking damage, fire, drowning, overheating, freezing, explosions, etc
-using a waystone will now also set it as your spawn point
-made pixie houses unbreakable to avoid crash
-added new recipe to make string from wool
-removed unintentional crafting recipe for frost dagger
-modified new crafting recipe for bandages, less expensive now
-added reforging station support for belts, crystal weapons/tools, silver weapons/aror, and all dragon weapons/armor
-removed multishot enchantment as it caused a arrow duplication bug with custom arrows
-removed smelting recipes for iron bars, iron doors, iron trapdoors, and weighted pressure plates
-removed throwingscythe duplication recipe from lycanite's mobs
-fixed and added in recipe for azure and verdant versions of the cinderfall sword from lycanite's mobs
-lowered spawn chance of fire and lava lycanite's mobs from 50% to 15%
-added requirements for summoning staffs, sceptors, and the new weapons from lycanite's mobs
-raised bloodmoon chance from 1% to 3%
-updated Dynamic Surroundings to latest version
-switched Recurrent Complex to lightweight mode in order to hopefully prevent some serious lag issues
-seasons now last for 16 hours in real time
-fixed health glitch online getting max hearts by sleeping when someone else was not
-added slime balls and freeze rods to battletower and doomlike dungeons loot tables
-packed ice can now cool you down, and can also be crafted from ice cubes
-buffed wool armor and jelled slime armor, they now transfer twice as much heat as they normally did
-portal to the lost city dimension now requires emerald blocks instead of diamond blocks
-lowered waystone generation chance a bit
-due to bug and crash, made pixie jars uncraftable
-reworked lycanite's mobs and forced all despawning now as some mobs were not despawning correctly which eventually caused a lot of lag and issues, also lowered kobold, calpod and ika spawn
chances and weights due to issues as well, lag should FAR better now for servers

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