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Uploaded by thephoenixlodge
Uploaded Jan 11, 2017
Game Version 1.7.10  
Size 72.69 MB
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MD5 bc0ffe42e69648d695d8f40eb646a1b1
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


Mod Changes:
- Updated AcademyCraft to 1.0.6
- Updated Agricraft to 1.5.0-unofficialbugfix
- Updated Better Builder's Wands to 0.8.1
- Updated Buildcraft to 7.1.19
- Updated Carpenter's Blocks to
- Updated ClimateControl to 0.8.2
- Updated EnderCore to
- Updated Forestry to
- Updated Gadomancy to
- Updated Storage Drawers to 1.10.
- Updated WAILA Plugins to 0.2.0-25
Config Changes:
- Bibliocraft
    - Add a few more witchery fume type items as compatible with the potion shelf
- Crafting Tweaks
    - Disabled CT on the BC autoworktable
- Forge Microblocks
    - Added various EBXL blocks as microblock capable
- Minetweaker Scripts
    - Added analyzed 1/1/1 osmium seeds as an option for use in the imag seed recipe
Quest Changes:
- Fix Quests "Power Store" and "Getting a Power-Up" for Energy Cubes not detecting since fixing the recipe output in 1.0.1
- Fix a few typos
- This Agricraft version fixes the ability to shear crops that produce dyes to get the full flower (incl cactus), and allows Essence Dust seeds to be bonemealable as intended
    - but it is an unofficial build, so report bugs directly to me or Mordenkainen, NOT InfinityRaider

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