Rapture Pack KS Edition

Welcome to Another Team Rapture Project,


Ever wanted to take the kitchen and the sink and throw it into the pack welp you did it congrats please enjoy other bad puns from here on out!. 


Astral Sorcery, Embers, Roots, Rustic and some other amazing mods for 1.11.2 ... Let's Go Explore the World! Rapture Pack is back for Rapture Pack 2 KS Edition. Let's go Modtastic, 


Features Offered: Tech and Exploration and many other mods in this fun Kitchen Sink Pack

This allows a player to further test and explore with an arsenal of mods allowing them to enjoy the new features of Minecraft 1.11.2 This pack also offers an amazing experience in which you may travel the ways of Astral Sorcery, or the tech of Mekanism. Embers allowing you to enter the fiery grave of fire. We also have newer mods like Cavern to Go Deep into the caves. Find yourself some Mana Wells through the depths of bedrock! While you're looking for the depths you can also find yourself some yellorite and build a big reactor. Craft yourself some armors from Armors Plus and become the boss themselves. There is much more content and fun things to do in this pack that I will let you explore yourself! 

Please feel free to leave any comments and concerns for the pack below.

-Team Rapture


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