Questing Mayhem



This questpack modpack is meant to be a cross between a super grindy, super hard questpack & an easier pack for new modded and casual players.


With 82 mods and more than 1,400 quests across 3 questbooks, this modpack has accomplished what no other modpack has: Made a super long questbook designed for potato-ish computers.


But don't worry, this pack is not just for the new players. If you love modpacks that challenge you with custom recipes and give you so much of a challenge that it barely makes sense anymore and you end up forgetting what you're trying to build halfway through, this pack is your perfect pack! For example, to make the Nether Star Generator x64 from Extra Utilities, which you are required to make, you need over 4,000 stacks of basic Survivalist Generators (or 57,000 stacks of iron!) That is an actual recipe.


The questbooks are all inclusive so all players will have a part of the questbook that seems just for them. So whether you are a farmer, techie, explorer, pvper, adventurer, or anything else, you will have quests in that genre of the game. This modpack was also 3 years in the making. For 3 and a half years, it was regularly updated to keep quests coming! With each major update, there was a new questline added. That means there are a plethora of quests for you to complete (3 years worth!). This pack is meant to be played long-term and take you over many months to complete. This is done by the utilization of custom recipes for some items that I think are just a smidge too easy to get your hands on.


Happy Questing!


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