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Welcome to Proletaria

Proletaria Expert is a modpack with a heavily customized experience designed to challenge you in new and creative ways while maintaining all the fun and enjoyable aspects of the game.


Follow our custom-crafted questline, unlocking new stages as you progress and gain access to more resources with each stage! Explore the amazing terrains of the Overworld, the Egyptian Deserts of the Atum, the scorching depths of the Nether, and the vast islands of The End.





What makes Proletaria so awesome?!

 Proletaria comes with a combination of customized quests, extravagant world generation, custom structures, and plenty of fan-favorite mods.


Proletaria is officially sponsored by BisectHosting! With BisectHosting, you can automatically install Proletaria to your server in just a few clicks! On top of that, if you use code PROLETARIA you can get 25% OFF your first month of hosting!



Experience the world of Proletaria

 You spawn in with a guide and quest book! With each stage in the world of Proletaria, new items, blocks, and quests unlock, creating a beautiful uniquely-crafted progression system.


Stages of Proletaria:
01 - The Natural Beginnings

The World of Proletaria starts you off in a traditional experience of punching trees, collecting wood and building a house. The first step is a magical experience with breath-taking Flora and Mystifying Mana, leading you to "create" stunning machines.


02 - Technical Progression

Having access to new resources, you build up your infrastructure with new equipment and technology. You gain access to power generation which will greatly help you with processing materials.


03 - Vast Worlds

It's time for you step into the dangerous Worlds of Proletaria. Explore the Vast Landscapes of The Overworld, Arid Deserts of The Atum, Scorching Depths of The Nether and Cold Voids of The End. Conquer your greatest foes using Mighty Weapons and Magical Accessories obtained through rituals and chants.


04 - The Outer Lands

Explore the new Ecosystems of The End as you gather new resources to progress into the Industrial Era. The Voids of The End will help you to comprehend the Symbols of the Night Sky.


05 - The End?

The end to your journey has just begun. Harness the power of Lightning and Pressure to advance in your technologies and become an Airbender. This is surely all the power that there is to achieve... right?


A community-focused Modpack

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