Clearly the best graves mod there is.


  • Upon death, all items will go in a fancy grave for safekeeping.
  • Right click or sneak near the grave to retrieve the contents.
  • You can delete grave as OP if you take an empty Grave Finder from the creative menu and use it on the grave (Will delete the grave contents, though restore command will still work).
  • Only the grave owner or players with OP permissions may recover a grave.
  • Commands are available to players with OP permissions to restore a grave, just in case something goes wrong with grave placement.
  • Upon recovering a grave, an attempt will be made to place items back in their original positions.  

Item placement works with:

  • Curios
  • Armor
  • Inventory
  • Cosmetic Armor


Experience Handling
  • Drop the normal amount on the ground as normal. - Default
  • Remove all experience, neither dropping it nor restoring it.
  • Keep and restore all experience upon claiming the grave.
  • Keep and restore the vanilla amount upon claiming the grave.


Grave Backup Handling

Simply defines the number of backups to keep for each player. The default is 10, meaning the 10 most recent deaths may be recovered via commands. All graves in world may be recovered regardless of this setting.


Grave Spawn Handling

When the player dies, a grave will be placed on the first block found beneath them. Dying in the air, for instance, means the grave will be on the ground. A death in the water will result in it spawning at the bottom of the water. If no blocks can be found, such as when dying in the void, then the grave will attempt to spawn in a safe place: A block with two air spaces above it.

  • Choose a scan height. This determines where to begin looking for a safe place to spawn the grave. The default is y60.
  • Choose a scan range. This determines how high and low to look from the scan height. The default is 10, so the area from y50 to y70 will be scanned.
  • Choose a floor block. If no safe place can be found, then one will be made atop this block. The default is dirt.  

For example, if y50 to y70 is completely air, then the grave is placed on top of a dirt block at y60. If the death occurred under an End island, for instance, then the grave may end up on the surface of the island or in a cave, wherever a safe place is found in the scan range. If it's completely solid, then the grave will default to spawning at y1 on a dirt block.