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Uploaded by TheCazadorSniper
Uploaded Mar 25, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
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3.2.55 Changelog (Always Backup your world before updating and "/bq_admin default load" after updating)
§6Removed Mods:
§6Updated Mods:
# Corail Tombstone
# CreativeCore
# Furnace Overhaul
# Galacticraft
# NuclearCraft
§6Fixes All modes:
# Removed broken lunar singularity recipe because extended crafting doesn't like to work correctly
# Fixed liquid infinity to ingot recipe
# Items and blocks with no longer instant unify in the GUI
# Adjusted nuclearcraft fission power generation between different fuels
§6Fixes Normal mode:

§6Fixes Titan mode:
§6Fixes Kappa mode:
# Random Things spectre energy nodes cause some energy storages to reset to 0 upon reaching 2.14B
# FTB chunkloading is off, use chicken chunks
# Crafting certain extended crafting recipes gets wonky so if it doesn't work take the items out then put them back in or restart the pack
# OC spamming some error in the logs in first load of a world
# Waiting for Modular Diversity to update
# Every pack update the packmode config will reset to normal
§6# Thank you to all of TheCazadorSniper's patrons on Patreon.

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