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Uploaded by TheCazadorSniper
Uploaded Oct 12, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 45.21 MB
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MD5 26714c933fdb19c1db67de24a5b4d10d
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3.3.61 Changelog (Always Backup your world before updating and "/bq_admin default load" after updating)
§6Added Mods:
§6Removed Mods:
§6Updated Mods:
§6Fixes All modes:
# Fixed all issues dealing with Simply Jetpacks
§6Fixes Normal mode:
§6Fixes Titan mode:
§6Fixes Kappa mode:
# Some energy storages reset to 0 upon reaching 2.14B (maybe due to transfer rates being too high?)
# FTB chunkloading is off, use chicken chunks
# Crafting certain extended crafting recipes gets wonky so if it doesn't work take the items out then put them back in by hand or restart the pack
# OC spamming some error in the logs in first load of a world
# Don't use Aluminum wires at all except for recipes
# Every pack update the packmode config will reset to normal
# Disabled Waiting Time mod (Pong) you may re-enable by removing .disabled from the jar file or unlock the pack profile then click the slider on the left of the mod on twitchapp
§6# Thank you to all of TheCazadorSniper's patrons on Patreon.

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PO3 - 3.3.61server 416.57 MB Oct 12, 2020

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