The ins & outs of the Boshery.



Our pack is designed to fit both the Pixelmon Pokémon pack with multiple other mods to make it a better experience whilst allowing Pixelmon as the main feature. With a very light mod count you are sure to be able to run this. Project Bosh Includes everything you need for the best Pixelmon+ experience. Gather your friends and play this modpack with many things to find as you play and many cool features specifically designed for you if your a Pokémon fan!



Main Features:



- The Pixelmon Mod | The core of this project. It includes; hundreds of Pokémon and, evolutions. Capture, Explore, Battle and much more!


- The Twilight Forest | This mod includes a whole new environment for the player, new biomes protected by curses, epic bosses, many amazing items and an amazing storyline.


- Mystical Agriculture | A fan favourite now with Tier 6 upgrades, new plants and much more!


- Ender IO | Automation at its finest; Crop farms, Mob farms, Energy/Fluid/Item conduits, with even more all for you to find!


Mekanism | Machinery and Generators; Jetpacks, Armor & Tools, Digital Miner, Fusion Reactors and Advanced Item transport.


- Cooking for Blockheads | Ever wanted to make a burger in Minecraft? NOW YOU CAN!


- Tinkers Construct | Obsidian Pickaxe with a stone handle? You got it. With tinkers construct you are only limited by your mind.


- Xaero's World Map | The best fully customizable map to exist.