Progressive Survival

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This pack will not be ported to any other version.

Any changes made by you (config changes, mod updates, etc.) are NOT supported.


 Personally, I was tired of being able to mine to diamonds on Day 1, and defeat the Ender Dragon all within a matter of a few Minecraft days.  I also wasn't a fan of "hard progression" packs that forced you into a certain direction, before you could do something else.

I wanted a challenge, while still playing a game that felt like Minecraft, but evolved. 

So I created this pack, Progressive Survival, for anyone looking for a challenge in "reaching the end of the game."  It removes the simplicity of Minecraft, and turns it into more of an RPG/MMO/True survival style experience, while allowing (almost) complete freedom in how you progress. 

Careful thought has been given when it comes to placement of EVERYTHING in this pack - Structures, monsters, animals, etc. While there are essentially "zones" where you can find specific monsters, the difficulty increases as you dig, rather than as you travel (at least in the Overworld) - The farther you dig, the more dangerous the foes become.  

 This is not Minecraft as you know it. Survival will be difficult, especially without shelter. Zombie hordes spawn on the first night, and show no mercy.  

There are plenty of structures to explore that could contain valuable loot, but also would be a suitable home in your journey!  

It's not just about making things more difficult, though. This pack is about enriching your Minecraft experience, by allowing you to progress at your own pace, using your own style, while creating a real journey from start to finish.


In Progressive Survival, you can play as: 

  • The Builder - There's plenty of mining to be had, and tons of different blocks to use for your creative side!
  • The Explorer - A plethora of landmarks/structures await you in your adventure! Travel by land, sea, or air to discover the world!
  • The Looter - Sneak through carefully crafted structures, and fill your bags with valuables! Scrap unwanted loot for more resources!
  • The Fighter - Intense combat awaits - Zombie hordes come each night - Boss fights - Dangerous enemies lurk deep underground!
  • The Achievement Hoarder - Check your way through the custom achievement book created specifically for this pack! Over 20 pages!


These are only a few examples. How you play/what you play as, is truly up to you.




Additional Credits:

Tissou's Zombie Pack - Almost always encounter a unique looking zombie!  (Credit: Tissou)

Rhapsodia - An immersive sound/resource pack  (Credit makamys)


The goal remains the same as Vanilla Minecraft - Defeat the Ender Dragon.

However, if you're up for a challenge, you can take on the custom achievement book and complete the entire thing!

If you're competitive, play the pack in SMP and see who can complete the achievements first. 

If you're not, then work together!

 And as always, try not to die. 



  • An in-game Wiki for some quick tips on some of the most important features of the pack to get you started


  • Custom Achievements (One of SEVERAL pages of achievements to accomplish - This is one of the starting achievement pages)


  • Campfires and other backported features from newer versions.



  • Unique Zombies
  • Zombie Hordes
  • Plague Spreaders can spread disease and summon more zombies when hit. Only during a Full Moon.
  • Bloodthirsty Zombies run faster than the average player, and do additional damage. Only during a Full Moon.
    • Mini-boss Zombies and Skeletons will spawn with names, full armor, and have large health pools.


  • Named Mini-bosses have a high chance of dropping some, or all of their equipment!


  • Lots of Unique Creatures!


  • Realistic Terrain  


  • Unique, hand-crafted Dungeons!


(Exterior build Credit: Jeracraft):

Castle Dungeon


  • Custom NPC's to discover on your exploration journey!  (Shown: The Collector)


  • Custom Structures and other Points of Interest 
    Wilderness Waypoint



Trading Post


Faerie Hut

Giant Tree

Wishing Well


Chests in the Sky

Witch Hut

Giant Wasp Hive


  • Over 440 Quests to complete, each with a full description, and rewards!


  • Treasures can be found on the surface, but also buried beneath. 
  • Look for gravestones, and dig under the area until you find an oak plank, then dig below that to find the treasure!

Buried Treasure




  • Die
  • Learn to wield the power of Flora, discover the magical art of Witchcraft, or work miracles through Thaumaturgy
  • Discover several ways to travel the world
  • Learn to cook, farm, and forge armor, weapons, and tools with a skillbased crafting system
  • Brew ales, make juices and cheeses, grow your own grapes, apple trees and rice
  • Explore several custom structures and dungeons (some with Custom NPCs!), from small to large
  • Discover new crops through crop mutation
  • Complete over 440 quests!
  • Die some more
  • Explore the world and discover hidden treasure
  • Fight over 25 unique bosses and several minibosses
  • Learn how to construct basic tools, and gather the resources necessary to survive
  • Experience the interdimensional rift between the realms of Minecraftia The Betweenlands
  • Reap rewards through repeatable quests to hunt and kill
  • Find hearts scattered throughout the underground to increase your maximum health
  • Challenge yourself by completing all 23 pages of custom achievements, and "defeat" the pack!
  • Revive creatures from the past and train them to be your loving (and dangerous) pets
  • Create complex machines
  • Explore shipwrecks for treasure
  • So much more to discover on your own! 



  • You will die.
  • Your start will be rough, as the pack is designed to be difficult.
  • In most cases, enemies will have more hp/damage/potion effects/all of the above. Some Zombies & Skeletons will spawn as "mini bosses" with names.
  • Many recipes have been heavily modified, or disabled/removed.
  • The Vanilla Furnace is now a crafting ingredient. It cannot be placed, picked up, or interacted with. Use the Minefantasy2 Bloomery or Furnace instead.
  • You can see most of the crafting recipes in NEI.
  • If the recipe isn't in NEI, and the item is from MineFantasy II, use the Research Book from that mod to find it instead.
  • If a spell from Electroblob's Wizardry does not work, it has been deemed unfit for the pack, and was disabled intentionally.
  • Crafting should feel "realistic", in such a way that the method used to obtain things should make sense. e.g., sifting dirt, you may come across sharp rocks.
  • Going underground is somewhat gated.
  • You will need to wear a helmet when going under the first few blocks; The farther down you go, the more armor you need to wear to avoid negative effects.
  • This pack includes Enchiridion. Please use the provided Wiki! (default: H) While it's not super in depth, it may provide some answers.
  • Quests are designed to be helpful and shape your general experience in Progressive Survival. Quest rewards will give you a boost, but won't carry you.
  • Equipped items and items in your inventory take durability damage upon death.
  • Technology is limited. This is a LOW TECH pack. Automation is available with Flaxbeard's Steam Power or Immersive Engineering.
  • I have intentionally stayed away from typical (high) tech mods, such as Buildcraft, IC2, etc.  These do not fit the overall "theme" of this pack.




  • OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_U_D6 - This pack features Tissou's Zombie Pack - Almost always encounter a unique looking zombie!  (Credit: Tissou)
  • Zombie skins don't show w/out Optifine installed!
  • Resource pack is already set to load using Resource Loader with the modpack.  Permission obtained from Tissou.
  • ServerSync - For private servers. Allows your players to sync any updates made to the server to their client.  No more trying to relay files and updates to users who may or may not know how to update their Minecraft files!  This mod does all the work for them! 
  • Default Settings - This client mod offers the ability of creating and using modpacks which ship custom settings, entries in the server list or even custom keybindings without having them overwriting your local settings every time the modpack updates.




  • 4GB RAM suggested when running this pack
  • Can use less with good garbage collection
  • World type (SSP) -  Realistic (for best experience)
  • World type (SMP) - RTG (for best experience)



Disclaimer: The video below was made playing the very first release of Progressive Survival. Many updates and changes have been made since this was created!

A short playthrough YouTube Series by WoopWoopGaming:




Click to report any issues to the ProgSurv Github.   




Just like many others out there, I've grown accustomed to 1.7.10, and have the most experience when it comes to mods and their configurations with this version. 

My main motivation was to create something other people would enjoy.  I love to watch others play with my creations and would strongly encourage you to share your experiences (screenshots of builds, "Let's Play" series, etc). 


If you do end up making a video/video series, please message me with the link(s) so I can add them above!


In other words...


I would love to see your adventures with Progressive Survival!





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