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Prodigium Reforged

 Heavily inspired by Terraria, experience an unique progression system, defeat bosses to unlock new ores, become stronger and explore the world to discover huge dungeons and custom structures !

 This is not a modpack where mods have been randomly dropped in the mod folder. I have customized A LOT of config files, each mod has been picked for a reason.

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The RPG Uptade is now released (v3.0)!

(the description is not up to date for this update, I'm working on it)


✔️ Quest system to guide your journey.

✔️ Custom scripts and even two custom forge mods created for the progression ( ores and dungeons )

✔️ Some ores and items are locked at the start with custom ores made only for this pack.

         When you progress, you will unlock the generation of these ores, so even in mid/late game, you have to get back into your mines!

✔️ While progressing (by defeating certain bosses) you will also unlock new mob spawning in the world, the world progresses and change with the player.

✔️ Three difficulty modes :
                                           Normal mode is the mode you spawn with when you first enter a world.

                                            Expert mode is unlocked when entering the nether for the first time

                                           Master mode is unlocked after killing the ender dragon.

      Each mode has custom quests made for it.

✔️ Use the soft-class system to chose to play as a tank/melee, ranged or as a mage.

✔️ Custom recipes for a better integration between mods and the progression system.

✔️ Each time you defeat a boss, the scaling difficutly of the world increase.

✔️ This modpack is difficult, I tweaked a lot of config files and settings to provide a real challenge so that you can feel yourself getting stronger (recommended to play in Hard)


If you want to understand even more how the progression system works in the background click here to see the progression wiki page.




✔️ The main quest will make the player discover the world to defeat unique bosses.

✔️ A tons of dungeons, from simple towers or zeppelin to huge palaces or even custom made dungeons for a better mod integration.

✔️ Huge amount of new biomes thanks to a combination of Terralith, Regions Unexplored and other smaller biomes mod.

✔️ The way to get to the end has been changed too! You need to find 12 new eyes that are dropped by bosses or by exploring!

✔️ Get special artifacts while exploring.

✔️ Secondary quest lines made to encourage the player to explore.




Let's not forget about :

✔️ Gates with waves of mobs that you have to defeat for custom loot tables rewards.

✔️Rework of the melee system thanks to Better Combat and of the ranged combat through projectile damage!

✔️ The questing system even have secondary quests.

✔️ Base building : a ton of new decoration mods with a quest line to help you discover some of them !

✔️ Farming : so many new plants and trees to grow and even a special meat eating plant.

✔️ Cooking :  dozens of new food and beverage to make for powerful buffs.

✔️ Colony : Make your own colony with minecolonnies and follow the special colony quest line !

✔️ You won't find any automation or technology in this modpack, the vanilla+ feeling was a priority while making Prodigium Reforged.

✔️ Shaders !

✔️ And much much more...


If you liked (or not) the modpack, come submit your review of Prodigium Reforged on the Modded Minecraft Reviews website ! It would help me a lot.



Next update and credits :

Next update :

The RPG update is in the work, you will know more soon :)



Credits :

Visual Traveler's Titles - Texture pack for the custom and very well made dimensions titles !

Stay true - Texture pack

Stay True Modded Compats - Ressource pack addon

Stay True - No Bushy Leaves - Ressource pack addon

Mandala's GUI - Dark mode - Ressource pack

Complementary shaders - For the included shaderpack







Minecraft version : 1.19.2 (forge)        mods : 235      Discord       Wiki