1,616 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 14, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2  

This project was discontinued!


What is this pack?

Principium is a kitchen sink style modpack for Minecraft 1.10.2. It showcases some of the new mods 1.10.2 has to offer like Mekanism v9, Psi, and Chisels & Bits while still giving you the option to fall back to some of your known favorites like EnderIO, Tinkers' Construct, Forestry, and Botania.

We also added a bunch of in-game books to guide you through the experience and familiarize yourself with the new mods on the block.


Every release has a server download listed under the additional files for each release on Curse, so you can easily host your own server.

We also have an official whitelisted server you can join, to apply visit