PokeCraft Reforged - Catch 'Em All

Lets ring in the Season with one of my newest modpacks for Minecraft version 1.12.2. This modpack is a Curse exclusive. It will not be distributed across any other platforms. So what is it? Pokemon Sword and Shield has been announed. A huge addition to the Core Pokemon franchise. So lets celebrate with a fan made Minecraft pack! This Modpack is built around the newest version of Pixelmon - Reforged (you must download it separatley - https://reforged.gg/).


Welcome to the World of Pixelated Creatures!
PokéCraft Reforged - Catch 'Em All - is a modpack that focuses on adventure and exploration, and survival....with friendly (or not so friendly) little creatures by your side. Upon logging in you will select your starter, and you will be on your way to adventure with your new pal. (Press CTRL + O to hide JEI to select your starter)


While you embark on your journey you will come across other Pokemon that you can battle and attempt to catch. You must be careful as you may find some trainer's lurking as well. You can bet that some may want to partake in a battle. Pokemon have been around since ancient times, even prior to the Great Pokemon War. Some say they were guardians of old kings and lords. Partners to some of the greatest wielders of Magic. Some of that Magic has been carried forward.


Venture through the world and collect your Pokemon, and your gym badges, master Magical Arts to help fight those that your partner can't. Go forth and build your own awesome Pokemon Headquarters. Conquer the challenges you may face, catch the Legendary Monsters that roam the world. Most of all, enjoy your self!


This is a rebirthing of my original Poke Craft modpack which was pretty popular but ultimately I built in on a version of Minecraft which many in the community know may not have been the best choice, a mistake I own. But this is built on the solid 1.12.2. One of the neat things about this pack is there are emphasis on decorative mods so you can truely build what you imagine. Your own Pokemon empire, your own Gym, whatever you may want, go crazy!

This modpack does not do away with original Vanilla. You still have to deal with the dangers of the night (in some cases it may be more dangerous to keep you on your toes), and you still have to survive and you still have to craft, although a starter house is provided for you. The essence of Minecraft is still here. Yes, as of now this is somewhat server compatiable. I plan to work on that as well and create a server pack for you as well. Furthermore, this modpack has Immersive Engineering and Immersive Railroading built into it. (Can anyone say The Magnet Train?) So there is plenty to do in between your quest to become the very best that no-one ever was!

Please do leave constructive feedback and criticism. I appreciate it all.

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