Poke Craft - Catch 'Em All

17,350 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 20, 2016 Game Version: 1.8.9




4.2.7 - 1.8.9 - Recommended



Get It From The Official Link Above.

This pack also was built with:

Pixelmon Extras - 1.8.9 - 2.1.7



Download the Two Extra Mods above and Place them in your mods folder before playing, otherwise you defeat the whole purpose of the pack.



From the makers of the Fairy Tail - Woooow! Modpack, this is Nerd Storm Production's newest modpack for Minecraft version 1.8.9. This modpack is a Curse exclusive. It will not be distributed across any other platforms. So what is it? Pokemon is coming announcing its big "Sun" and "Moon" announcement. So we decided to announce our Pokemon Modpack. It is very lightweight. It only contains about 35 Mods. The other files are mainly resources. The initial download size is quite large, only because you are downloading all of the resources as well. 


This pack comes with some nice design mods only available in 1.8.9, like Chisel and Bits, so you can go forth and create your own dream Pokemon Master Headquarters.


Welcome to the World of Cute Pixelated Creatures!
Poké Craft - Catch 'Em All - is a modpack that focuses on adventure and exploration....with friendly little creatures by your side. The initial download of the pack comes with a pre-made map that replicates the Johto region. Upon logging in you will select your starter, and you will be on your way to adventure with your new pal.


While you embark on your journey you will come across other Pokemon that you can battle and attempt to catch. You must be careful as you may find some trainer's lurking as well. You can bet that some may want to partake in a battle.


Venture through the world and collect your Pokemon, and your gym badges. Go forth and build your own awesome Pokemon Headquarters. Conquer the challenges you may face, catch the Legendary Monsters that roam the world. Most of all, enjoy your self!



1.0.6 - Will be the final release version of this pack. The modpack itself is stable however remaining on 1.8.9 is not a priority of Nerd Storm Production. We try and advanced with the version of Minecraft in both our Mods and our Modpacks. Pixelmon itself has also moved onto 1.10.2. This however does not prevent you from playing the pack and updating the mods as you see fit as some mods are still being updated for 1.8.9. This is the main reason it is on the Curse launcher so that the user can control what they update and when.









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